Freebie Release: Splash of Lemon Wallpaper

Nothing beats the taste of ice cold lemonade on a hot sunny day. Maybe it’s the sweet citrus taste, its zesty colour or refreshing smell, but for whatever the reason, lemons has always been a symbol for something clean and renewed. We all need pick-me-ups like these to help us get through a busy week.

If you don’t have the luxury of a tall glass of lemon-aid, make do with this image, half a lemon splashed with the elixir of life, aptly named ‘a splash of lemon’.

splash lemon wallpaper
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About the author

This wallpaper is courtesy of Rishabh Agarwal, an avid photographer from India. He has a website dedicated to his love of photography at Rish Photography ( If you are interested in his photographs, please contact him at his website.

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