Freebie Release: Silent Beauty Wallpaper

Long used to deliver messages of love, apologies, friendship and get-well-soons, flowers have always been the best gift for all occasions, big and small. Despite a short lifespan, or maybe because of it, a gift of flowers has always been appreciated by the receiver, simply because in every exising form, it carries the hidden message that somebody cares.

silent beauty wallpaper

Even when one takes away one of its defining characteristics – its colors – flowers can never fail to make you appreciate the best of nature.

Have a monochromatic dew-bearing flower image on your screen to serve as a gentle reminder that some things can be in only black and white, and still look beautiful.

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About the author

This wallpaper is courtesy of Rishabh Agarwal, an avid photographer from India. He has a website dedicated to his love of photography at Rish Photography. If you are interested in his photographs, please contact him at his website.

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