Build High Quality Landing Pages With Qards

Qards is a WordPress plugin, produced by Designmodo, which allows you to edit existing pages or produce new pages precisely the way you intended.

Are you find it hard to build your web pages exactly the way you want them to look? Is the creation process taking longer than you would like, even with the help of a WordPress theme? Then, you might want to try out Qards.

Qards is a WordPress plugin, produced by Designmodo, which allows you to edit existing pages or produce new pages precisely the way you intended. It makes use of editable cards which can be individually arranged by drag and drop, giving you the flexibility to make a unique web page.

Qards does the work, but leaves you in full control of what is happening. The end result is a landing page, or sometimes an entire website, that is precisely as you envisioned it.

Best use for Qards

With Qards, you can take an already-built landing page and edit it to your heart’s content. You can also create a copy of it and build a new landing page from that. This makes Qards a great tool for maintaining consistency to a website design, allowing you achieve a similar ongoing and unifying theme from one page to the next.

qards landing page wordpress plugin

Alternatively, you can use this plugin independent of a WordPress theme and just create a completely new website from scratch. Qards is flexible enough to allow you to start from any stage of the design process.

How Qards work?

Qards works like a puzzle except it isn’t — because you always know what it will do, and what you can do with the pieces. The puzzle pieces in this case are blocks on the cards.

Qards comes with a library of 8 cards, each with 8 different categories or features to be used in conjunction with a page-building menu. Take the card or cards you want to use and start editing, using the various menu options and the drag-and-drop function to do so. You can just as easily eliminate cards or blocks that you don’t need.

In essence, you already have a layout that serves as a starting point with no constraints in any way possible.

qards landing page wordpress plugin

The drag and drop function is almost ridiculously easy to use, and once you have customized a page to your liking, you can begin tweaking and fine-tuning the various blocks until you have obtained the layout and content you want.

Making changes to your website with Qards is as easy as typing an e-mail, once you get used to using this plugin. You can take a look at this Designmodo demo to give you a good idea of how easy it is to create a landing page and make changes.

Media & Content Management

Add videos, images, new content, and change colors and fonts to suit your liking. Image size and positions can be altered, and the images you have added to your content can be modified as well.

In-place text can be customized with respect to font type, size, and background color — you can do anything that you can do with a Word document. Content blocks can be moved, duplicated, or reordered in any manner you choose.

qards landing page wordpress plugin

If you want a video background to give your web page a touch of class or a more professional look, adding a video from YouTube is a simple task.

Other Features

The pages you create can be full-width and full-screen, so you don’t have to be constrained by any of the limitations WordPress or some of these WordPress themes might impose on you.

If you have an e-Commerce site, Qards works perfectly with WooCommerce to create attractive and professional looking landing pages. It also comes with Typekit integration for more typography choices and your created designs are responsive.

Pricing plan

With Qards, it is possible to design a page, and even an entire website, without writing a line of code, making it an ideal solution for non-technical users. If you need to add or modify CSS and HTML however, the capability is there.

Qards is available for $99 for one site. This includes free support and updates, and will not render any further monthly or subscription fees. There is an alternate pricing plan for 5 sites, which is a bargain at only $199.

qards landing page wordpress plugin

Wrapping up

The advent of fast, flexible, and highly-automated page builders has been a blessing for website developers, but Qards sets a new standard for the process of page building as far as speed, flexibility, ease of use, and attention to detail is concerned.

(Editor’s note: This post is brought to you by Qards, a WordPress Plugin by Designmodo.)