Explore Open Source Laravel Projects with Open Laravel

Web developers love frameworks because they save time and improve code quality. There are many PHP frameworks out there but Laravel is by far the best.

If you’re just getting into Laravel, you can learn a lot by studying other people’s code. That’s where Open Laravel comes in handy.

The site works as a decentralized repository curating the best open-source Laravel projects from around the world. All of these projects are completely free to study and great for anyone building a production-ready site.

Open Laravel homepage

As of this writing, Open Laravel has 75 total projects with plenty of room for more. If you do have a suggestion for a new repo you can submit one to the site. However, it needs to be hosted on GitHub for easy access.

One thing I don’t like about this site is the lack of search or filtering. You have to browse each page manually, going back chronologically through submissions. This is perhaps the least efficient way to browse, however, Open Laravel is also the best resource you’ll find for Laravel repos.

If you click on a project you’ll get a host of great info:

  • link to the project’s homepage
  • link to the GitHub repo
  • total stars/forks
  • date when the project was added

Note that most projects on this site are real websites that run on Laravel. These repos aren’t just plugins, or blank themes, or templates you can copy/paste and launch.

Every PHP developer should be overjoyed by the quality of this site. It’s an excellent resource to bookmark and one of the best to study if you’re just diving into Laravel.

And, if you have any questions or want to suggest some features you can tweet the team on their official Twitter account @openlaravel.