Mac Icons: 50+ Free High Quality iMac, Macbook Icon Sets

Free icons are great, they are better when they are in high quality and comes in a variety of different formats. Thanks to a great number of generous designers out there, we are enjoying what they are distributing for free. Here in this post, we’ve gathered more than 50 high-quality Apple Mac related icon sets. What’s included are icon sets of Macbook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Apple TVs and more.

Here’s a little note. These icon sets are fine for personal usage, but you might not use them for commercial projects. So please check with the authors or check with the disclaimer if you intend to use them on commercial projects.

Here’s more great icon sets you might want to check out.

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iMac 2008 by ~Walrick – iMac 2008 in Illustrator file.

iMac icon by IconsClub

Fasticon Apple Icons

Mac Icons – iMac

Apple iMac Icons by skate3214 – They come in white and black, with or without OSX on the screen, 256×256 PNG and ICO.

Leopard Hardware iCons by alfonsohuby – Hardware iCons with Leopard screen 512×512.

Leopard iMac Icon by MITCHFIELDER – 512×512 iMac icon, featuring the Leopard Desktop Wallpaper

iMac evolution icons 1.0 – The evolution of the iMac contains 6 different iMac icons, including the first iMac from 1998 and the newest model from 2007.

The Apple Collection V.2 by GlossII – 43 icon’s & png’s (256 x 256, 3oo x 3oo, 32o x 32o, 324 x 324, 379 x 379, 512 x 512, 768 x 768 & 866 x 866)

New iMac 07 by IconsClub

Aluminium iMac 20,24" Icons by spiderlama – The new Aluminium iMac 20"/24" Icons for Tiger.

iMacBox by Thvg – A Widget, an icon, an Application Stack Drawer and the 300dpi iMac illustration.

iMac by mrrste – Icon comes in 256×256 ico and icns and a 512×512 PNG.

Icons 2 by lecoupdulapin

iMac by pickupjojo

Concept Icons by Bobbyperux – 12 different icons in PNG format 256x256px.

iMac Icon by maoos

Apple concept by Darwins

Aluminium iMac Icons by skate3214 – 4 icons of the new aluminium iMac, PNG and ICO.

Black Mac by GoSco

Black iMac by ChicanoDesigns

Vikiworks Apple-iMac Icon – Package includes both PNG & ICO format.

new iMac by GlossII – 4 icon’s & png’s (512 x 512)

More iMac related Icons


Macbook and remote iKons by funk-meister

MacBook by ralleria

Mac Icons – MacBook by g-f

MacBook OS X and XP icons by smartazz104 – One for your OS X install and one for a Windows XP Bootcamp install.

The New MacBook by ibaldi

White Macbook by bhound89

The MacBook In Black. by Kamikaze00X

More icons:

  • Macbook Black Breathe Icons by stormjsc
  • Macbook Breathe + Flat Icons by stormjsc

Macbook Pro

Apple laptops by GlossII – 8 icon’s & 16 png’s (95o x 95o, 768 x 768, 6oo x 6oo, 55o x 55o & 512 x 512) + 3 wallpapers

The Pro. MacBook Pro by Kamikaze00X

MacBook Pro by cgink – Icon size 512x512px in png and icns

MacBook Pro by Flarup – MacBook Pro in 48, 128, 256 and 512 pixels, all bundled in an ico and icn file + the PNG’s.

Macbook Air

MacBook Air and iMac by Replica-Artist

Mac Mini

Icon 4 Mini Mac Setting by lecoupdulapin

New work stuffs by bunaioding

Mac Mini Icon by chaodam

Mac Mini Icon Pack by thounsell

More Mac Mini icons:


Just a bunch of Apple Icons by g-f

Affel by Bobbyperux – 72 icons in PNG format with a resolution of 256×256 px

Apple Cinema Display Icon by adenfraser

My Computer Icons by Jrdn88 – Includes 10 different versions in png and icon format. 512px.

FreeIconsWeb – E-Mail icons,Chart icons,Mac folder icons.

Power Mac G5 Icons by User-DA – 256 .png’s of each plus original PSD for adding own wallpapers or colours.

Mighty Mouse Icons – 6 icons inspired in the Apple’s Wireless Might Mouse.

Wireless Mighty Mouse by MohsinNaqi

Fruity Apple – 9 .png and .icns (Leopard ready : 512×512 px), 2 Bonus and 1 Wallpaper (2560×1600 px)