10 Comic-themed Posters to Teach You Life Lessons

With a wealth of resources available to us, sometimes we look for little nuggets of wisdom from the Internet or from the people around us. Comics aren’t usually a person’s first choice on life’s ponderings, but there are definitely a few gems that can give you some insight and make you chuckle, too.

Comic-themed posters are especially great because you can hang them up on your wall as a reminder of a lesson that’s important to you. Here we’ve gathered 10 comic-themed posters filled with life lessons. From comics that have to do with lessons on parenting to those about finding passion, why not display your train of thought in a different way?

1. Peanuts Celebrate the Little Things Comic Poster

Charles M. Schulz is the man responsible for the ‘Peanuts’ comic strip, which features a famous dog that we’re all probably familiar with, Snoopy. Though he stopped creating them in 2000, this little poster becomes an adorable reminder of how we should always celebrate the little things.

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2. Motivational Poster On Creativity

The Zombie Office is actually a webcomic done by Jay Nolte, and although the word zombie is probably enough to get you running in the opposite direction, this motivational poster on creativity is pretty spot on. And who doesn’t love a little bit of zombie humor, right?

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3. "Choose A Job You Love…" Poster

ZenPencils is one of the more inspirational webcomics out there, and you’ve probably seen his stuff being shared around. This particular poster based on Confucious’ famous quote is a good reminder for all those who need a little bit of encouragement in their jobs.

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4. "A Year Of Parenting" Poster

There are many stages that a person goes through in life, and becoming a parent is one of them. Grant Snider of Incidental Comics illustrates this perfectly in a comic that all parents and future parents would be able to relate to.

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5. “Simple Pleasures” Poster

How could we do a collection and not include the lover of lasagna himself, Garfield? Jim Davis’ comic strips may seem quite simple at first glance, but the witty dialogue and insight offered is one that is truly timeless.

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6. 10 Words You Need To Stop Misspelling Poster

This may seem like an odd choice, but a lesson in spelling is definitely a life lesson. You wouldn’t want your potential date to turn you down over something as trivial as that, right? The Oatmeal webcomics have come up with this nifty little poster to help remind you of the right way to spell these common words.

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7. 11 Lifetimes Poster

A pretty poster that was originally inspired by another SMBC inspirational comic. This poster serves as a reminder about how short our life is and how we should aim to make whatever ‘lifetimes’ we have count.

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8. Beetle Bailey Goes Pink Wall Art Poster

A full-on comic strip that you may have stumbled upon in the papers. This particular strip from Beetle Bailey touches upon the subject of disregarding everyone else’s opinion of you in a lighthearted manner.

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9. “To Love is To Be Vulnerable” Poster

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a lesson on love, right? This is another meaningful one by ZenPencils, which is taken from a C.S. Lewis quote. If you feel like love may be a risky situation, this will help inspire you to take it. [Get it here]

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10. Calvin And Hobbes On The Tree Poster

Sometimes, the cool thing about comics is that you don’t need words for them to make sense. As depicted here, there’s something great about looking at things from a different perspective (or not looking, as Calvin and Hobbes demonstrate here). A handy poster to help you stay calm and relaxed.

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