These iPhone X Wallpapers Showcase Its Interiors

Hiding beneath the screen and shell of the iPhone X lies the processors and battery that makes the iPhone X take. While the hardware layout of a smartphone may be fascinating to some, the act of disassembling a phone that costs thousands of dollars just for a look at the innards doesn’t make much sense to many.

Thankfully, the masters of teardowns, iFixit, has done many of us a favor as they have created wallpapers of the iPhone X’s interior layout.

iFixit has published two separate wallpapers, with the first being a straightforward shot of the iPhone X’s interior.

iphone x interior wallpaper

The second one is a little fancier as they’ve managed to partner up with Creative Electron to create a wallpaper out of an X-Ray shot of the iPhone X.

iphone x interior x ray

If you’re currently an owner of the iPhone X, these wallpapers are pretty much almost accurate layouts of your new smartphone thanks to the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge display and lack of a home button.

One word of advice though is that you should probably not set this wallpaper as your home screen as the text from the screen and the writings found on the hardware may cause some confusion.