Anyone Can Build an App (or Bots) Easily With This New Coding Site

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code, but felt that the barrier of entry is way too intimidating? If so, then you may want to check out Glitch, a website whose stated goal is to provide a friendly community where you’ll build the app of your dream.

Created by Fog Creek Software, the company responsible for services such as Trello, Glitch is a coding site that is primarily driven by the community. The key feature of this website is the ability to remix existing codes and projects, allowing users to tweak pre-existing applications, bots, or websites and make it their own.

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remix existing projects

While remixing code isn’t as hard as building an app from the ground up, doing so can still be rather intimidating to the neophyte coder. For those who need some help with their coding attempts, Glitch lets you collaborate with other coders in the community in real time.

The coding environment that Glitch uses allows collaborators to troubleshoot or add new features on the fly. Because every change that is made is rendered live, coders can proceed to fix mistakes and try out new changes to the code on the spot.

change code on the spot

The one limitation that Glitch has at the moment is that it only supports Node.js. That being said, completed projects in Glitch can be downloaded, exported to sites like GitHub, or left on Glitch to be tinkered by other coders. Suffice to say, if you’re looking to ease yourself into coding, Glitch is worth checking out.