5 Best Free WordPress Testimonials Plugins

Testimonials are a great way to communicate potential clients that people have already bought your product and had good experience using it. It encourages buyers to trust in your product or services and adds authenticity to your brand.

Using WordPress plugins to collect, display and manage your testimonials is an awesome solution. Here we are going to share with you 5 of the best WordPress testimonial plugins along with brief descriptions, cons, pros, and screenshots, so you can choose which plugin works for you.

WP Customer Reviews

With over 40,000 active installs, this plugin is a popular solution. This plugin enables you to create a page, and add and showcase testimonials from your clients about your business, products and services.

Each testimonial is moderated, so you can choose which testimonials to show. You can also adjust the design of testimonial boxes.

wp customer reviews
What’s Hot

The coolest features of this plugin are; it prevents spam, is completely customizable, allows you to add admin responses, and includes star rating images etc.

What’s Not

The main issue users seem to have from this plugin is not having the review box displayed the way they want it to. Unfortunately, due to the huge number of themes out there it is impossible for the developers to build a template for the box to display well in every theme.

Testimonial Rotator

It is one easy way to showcase testimonials on your website. The plugin has over 20,000 active installs which vouch for its popularity. Testimonial Rotator creates testimonials as custom post types and allows you to add them to a slider that rotates.

testimonial rotator
What’s Hot

The plugin’s hottest features include; testimonials display via widget or shortcode, some slider settings can be customized, includes star ratings and author info field, and the ability to create custom templates.

What’s Not

This plugin is great, but the rotator does not work sometimes. Besides, slider is not a good option, because people often ignore sliders and they particularly may not work well on mobile devices.

Easy Testimonials

The plugin is yet another popular one that enables you to add testimonials to any page, post or widget. Your testimonials can be displayed as a list of random testimonials anywhere you want. The plugin has PRO version starting from $59 for personal licence, with front-end testimonial submission feature.

easy testimonials
What’s Hot

With this plugin various testimonial themes can be added on one page, goes with responsive themes, allows customization of images and links, and has an easy-to-use interface.

What’s Not

Due to the reviews, users disliked the Google review scheme markup in the html output.

Testimonials Widget

It allows you to have slide or list reviews, text, images, videos or any other content on your WordPress site. The plugin has over 60,000 active installs. It can also be added via shortcode or widget, and is perfect to showcase different types of content on the same page.

testimonial widget
What’s Hot

Some of the best features of this plugin are; it comes with random display of testimonials, responsive image slideshow, slide mixed content on the same page, and allows you to filter by any category, tag, or post ID.

What’s Not

Although the free version doesn”t include direct support, however, there”s a knowledge base available that provides a certain level of community support. Also, the plugin may conflict with your theme.

Strong Testimonials

It claims to be a full-featured plugin which works best for newbies, however, the plugin has advanced functionality. It has over 10,000 active installs and 4.9 stars rating. The plugin provides completely customizable front-end form for gathering testimonials. You can add and remove fields and set email notifications.

What’s Hot

With this plugin you get two different styles of display (slide or list), sorting of testimonials as you like, Gravatar support, custom “read more” links, and a support team

What’s Not

This plugin may conflict with your current WordPress theme, and that’s pretty much the only drawback it has.

Final Thoughts

Adding customers testimonials to your website is one of the most effective ways of persuading visitors to take a chance in your product or service, and WordPress testimonial plugins make this task so much easy.

I hope you can find the right testimonial plugin for your website from this list. If you do, don’t forget to tell us about it in the comments.