Fontstorage: A Collection of Free Webfonts for Any Web Project

Google’s massive online webfont collection is the go-to choice for most web designers.

But there’s a new competitor on the block named Fontstorage and it’s got some pretty cool typefaces to pick from.

Note that it does require you to register for an account before you can download or embed fonts directly into your pages. But registration is totally free so it only takes a few seconds to get in.

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The Fontstorage website even has a small playground area for testing different typefaces online.

This way you can see how they play with other fonts in the browser so you can make better decisions when selecting fonts for headers or body text.

Fontstorage homepage

Many users have even curated lists of the best fonts that they use for their own websites. These can be found under the collections page with tons of ideas for unique font matches.

We’ve covered tips on headline fonts and shared our picks for the best fonts for web designers. But some of those cost money and it’s why many designers prefer free options like Fontstorage.

From the homepage you can signup for a free account or start browsing to see what they’ve got.

Check out the library page for examples of fonts along with sorting options. You can sort by serif or sans-serif typefaces along with specific alphabets or glyph styles(eg. slanted text, retro text, etc).

Fontstorage font examples

I haven’t used Fontstorage on any full-scale projects because I’m not sure how well they can hold up under heavy load.

We all know and trust Google’s servers to deliver fonts and that’s what makes their service amazing.

But if Fontstorage can deliver great results and stick around year-over-year then I think this site will become a true competitor to Google’s Webfonts service.

Also if you have questions or just wanna say thanks you can send the team a quick message on Twitter @fontstorage.