FoneGeek iOS System Recovery Tool – Review

Apple’s iOS is known for being a solid operating system, but it is still far from being completely error-free. Hence many iOS users face issues with their devices from time to time.

I recently faced an iPhone system issue myself and used FoneGeek iOS System Recovery tool to resolve it. In this post, I am going to talk about some pros and cons of the tool and how you can use it to resolve iOS system issues.

What does FoneGeek iOS System Recovery do?

This app, in a nutshell, is a system recovery tool for all iOS. It offers a clean UI and a simple three-step process to fix an array of iOS system issues. The app has two system recovery modes to chose from:

  • Standard Mode – Works for more than 200 common iOS problems. Doesn’t remove the device data.
  • Advanced Mode – Works for more complex iOS system related issues when the Standard mode doesn’t work. But erases all the device data.

From the technical aspect, I used FoneGeek for fixing my iPhone SE, but the tool supports all iOS devices and iOS versions from iOS 7 to the latest version, iOS 16. FoneGeek is available for both macOS and Windows.

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What Kind of Issues The App Solves?

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery tool solves more than 200+ different iOS system issues, and they include the following:

  • Device issues – iOS device stuck at Apple logo, iPhone keyboard, Siri, Bluetooth, WiFi, or cellular data not working, etc.
  • Screen issues – iOS device screen freezing, flickering, unresponsive, or ghost touch problem
  • iOS mode issues – iOS device recovery mode not working, device stuck on configure mode, Guided Access mode, or won’t go in DFU mode, etc.
  • Device update issue – iOS device unable to check for updates, not updating to the latest version, stuck on Restore Screen, or Update Request.
  • iTunes issues – iOS device facing different iTunes Errors

If you’re not able to fix the aforementioned and many other issues in the Standard Mode, then you can always try the Advanced mode, and it has worked for me every time. But remember to regularly back up your data if the tool has to remove your data to fix the issue with your iOS device.

FoneGeek iOS System Recovery’s Features

When looking for a system recovery solution, you first look at its best features. Here are some of the features of the FoneGeek iOS System Recovery tool.

  • Free trial offering all the basic features for iOS system recovery
  • Helps fix a whole spectrum of iOS system issues.
  • Apart from iOS devices, if your tvOS encounters some issue, you can try to fix it with this tool.
  • Compatible across all iOS devices and versions.
  • Fixes your iOS device with no data loss (in the Standard Mode).
  • Windows and iOS compatibility.
  • Clean and user-friendly interface.
  • Affordable price.

There’s no perfect tool ever created, and so like all other tools, FoneGeek has certain downsides. The things that are missing in the tool are as follows:

  • Most advanced features are available only in the paid version.
  • The tool may not work too efficiently if your device doesn’t have iTunes installed.
  • Does not support Windows 11.

How to Use FoneGeek iOS System Recovery?

By now, you would have gotten an overview of the tool and its different features. If you’re currently stuck in an iOS system issue, FoneGeek may be able to help you out of that. In the following, I am going to walk you through the simple process of using the tool:

  1. Download and install the tool on your Windows or macOS computer and select the Standard or Advanced Mode for recovery.
  2. fonegeek ios system recovery
  3. Now connect the problematic iOS device to your computer via USB cable and hit Next.
  4. fonegeek connect device
  5. If the tool cannot detect your device, you may have to put it in DFU Mode to go on with the process. Follow the on screen instructions to put your device in DFU Mode.
  6. Once the tool recognizes your device, confirm the model and click Download to start the firmware download process.
  7. fonegeek download firmware
  8. After the firmware download completes, click on Fix Now to let the tool fix the issue with your iOS device.
  9. fonegeek fix now

The process is going to take a few minutes, and you will be notified with a ‘Process successful’ message.

How Much The App Cost?

Regarding pricing, I find FoneGeek quite affordable compared to other tools in the market. You can get a 1-Month plan for $23.95, a 1-Year plan for $33.95, and the Lifetime Plan (one-time fee) for $45.95. All three plans are for 5 devices and 1 PC.

There’s also a free trial available for FoneGeek to let you experience the basic features before deciding on a payment plan. Plus, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, though it is conditional.

Is FoneGeek Worth a Try?

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a new iOS device or an old one; it can get into trouble for any reason. For iOS users, it is important to keep an iOS system repair tool handy. I have used FoneGeek to resolve iOS system-related issues and found it to be quite useful.

At a good price point, FoneGeek does offer a lot of solutions, but it depends on your own requirements and the issue you’re facing. If still indecisive, you can check the basic features through the free trial and experience the tool for yourself.

Download FoneGeek iOS System Recovery