Google Adopts HTML5 Support, Ending Flash Era

Adobe’s Flash Player is yet another step closer to its grave as Google is making a shift to HTML5 by Default for its Chrome browser.

Within the next few days, Google will be enabling the HTML5 by Default, a feature for the 1% of users who are currently running Chrome 55 Stable. HTML5 by Default will also be enabled for roughly 50% of Chrome 56 Beta users. The search engine giant is also aiming to make this feature available for stable built Chrome 56, when it launches in February.

Google will disable Flash on Chrome browser once it adopts HTML5. Users who still wish to see Flash content, will be able to do so by permitting Flash to run manually.

From January 2017 onwards, Chrome will begin prompting users to run Flash on a site-by-site basis on first-time visits. By October 2017, all websites will require the users’ permission before Flash is enabled.

As Google and Facebook making a leap into HTML5 and with Adobe pivoting towards HTML5 via Animate CC, Flash will very much be rendered obsolete within next the few years.