Cornerstone: The WordPress Page Builder Web Designers Will Love

Cornerstone is a collection of shortcodes that can be used to create complex and nearly infinitely customizable page layouts.

“Absolutely Loving It” is just one of the ways in which X Theme users have described their initial impressions of the newly released Version 4.0 that features the new Cornerstone page builder. Web designers who have just recently been introduced to this impressive page builder have been quite vocal in describing this latest enhancement as “awesome”, a “masterpiece” and a “game changer”.

The authors of this ever-popular theme constantly focus on continual improvement, making some game-changing improvements, including the addition of this new page builder along with several other features in this latest version. The response was far more positive and enthusiastic than anyone expected. Just what is it about Cornerstonen that has created all this excitement about version 4.0?

Cornerstone in a nutshell

Cornerstone is a collection of shortcodes that can be used to create complex and nearly infinitely customizable page layouts. Despite the complexity of building a layout from scratch, the page builder’s interface creates a more intuitive environment with a streamlined work process to help you deliver your cool results. It is simplicity at its best.

First of all, this is a 100% completely frontend page builder – you can see the changes take effect as you make them. You can essentially editing on the fly, with an over-arching, upclose and personal point-of-view. Your workspace becomes cleaner, more well-organized, clutter-free.

cornerstone page builder

Features of Cornerstone page builder

Cornerstone features an Editor and a Preview area. These two areas work together, but they are viewed separately by the user.

The Editor consists of a sidebar where you can access a Layout pane, an Elements pane, an Inspector (shown below) and a Settings pane that handles a range of miscellaneous options.

cornerstone page builder

The Preview area is where you see where you are at during the page-building activity. It has but a single function, the Inspecting Elements function. If you hover over an element, it will be highlighted in the Editor pane; you can then alter its appearance if you wish.

To get a fuller view of work in progress, the Editor pane is collapsible. Elements displayed in the Preview area can be repositioned on your page via drag-and-drop. You can also edit text on the fly without having to resort to backend manipulations.

Cornerstone has its own Element Library and it is a huge one. The developers refer to it as the Ultimate Element Library, although it can and will always be updated, added to, and improved upon.

If you are a developer who uses coding as a means of increasing a theme’s page-building flexibility, you will love Cornerstone’s Live Code Editing feature. If you are not yet a professional code editor, this Sublime-text-inspired tool can make one out of you.

If you have purchased the X Theme, this intuitive tool will be available to you for free, along with every other premium features this theme has to offer. Gain more control over what you can change, design, envision and create.

Initial feedback has been positive

A sampling of the testimonials that have been flooding into Themeco’s offices in recent days:

cornerstone page builder
cornerstone page builder
cornerstone page builder
cornerstone page builder

Users are more than pleased. They are excited, and more than a few are simply ecstatic about the features X Version 4.0 and Cornerstone have to offer. When a theme is in many ways nearly as picture-perfect as possible, referring to an update as a game-changer is really saying something, but that is something you can judge for yourself.

Finding a better page builder would be a challenge

If you have been looking for just the right solution for your page or post building activities, the smooth, streamlined, and intuitive Cornerstone interface has everything you need to build a page in less time that it takes to finish your morning cup of coffee.

You also benefit by having a premium theme with a multiplicity of features to work with, and a best-selling theme. You might even wonder what the next upgrade will feature. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, Cornerstone has a bright future in other parts of the WordPress ecosystem that Themeco will be announcing in the coming months. To sum up, X Theme 4.0 is highly recommended.

cornerstone page builder