Top 10 GPTs by OpenAI So Far (Explained with Examples)

Explore OpenAI's custom GPTs or easily create your own-no coding needed.

At OpenAI’s recent DevDay event, one of the standout announcements was the unveiling of specialized GPTs. Imagine these as individualized versions of ChatGPT, each acting as an assistant with expertise in a specific domain.


For instance, the DALL·E GPT has the ability to create images from your prompts, while the "Tech Support Advisor" GPT stands ready to tackle any tech-related inquiries you may encounter.

In this article, we’ll delve into ten of the most impactful GPTs launched to date. Having spent a considerable amount of time testing each one, I’ll share insights and sample outputs to give you a taste of what each can offer.

What are GPTs?

GPTs are standalone versions of ChatGPT, each designed for a unique function. As of this writing, there exist approximately 16 distinct GPTs, tailored to assist with various tasks.

For instance, the "Sous Chef" GPT can suggest recipes based on your favorite foods and available ingredients. Another example is "Math Mentor" GPT, which is adept at solving mathematical queries you might encounter.

Using These GPTs…

Once you’ve logged into your ChatGPT account, you’ll find an "Explore" option in the sidebar.

ChatGPT Explore option

Within this section lies the GPTs page, showcasing a catalog of all the GPTs that are currently accessible.

Lists of availabel GPTs

Additionally, you can also create a personalized GPT tailored to your specific needs. You can choose to keep it for personal use or choose to share it with colleagues or the wider public. However, we’ll delve into that subject at another time. Presently, all GPTs available on the aforementioned page have been developed by OpenAI.

Below is a compilation of 10 GPTs that I consider to be particularly interesting and useful.

Click on any of the screenshots below to view a higher resolution version of the image.


If you’re familiar with DALL·E 2 or the recent DALL·E 3 integration in ChatGPT, you’ll be excited to know that DALL·E is now available as a standalone GPT. It’s conveniently accessible from the sidebar, maintaining its capabilities as discussed in our article – Creating AI Images in ChatGPT with DALL·E 3.

Simply input a description, and DALL·E will generate an image for you, like this:

Generated AI Image

You can also upload your own image for reference and provide additional instructions to modify it.

Modify Image Instruction

2. Coloring Book Hero

This GPT transforms your ideas into coloring book pages with ease. Just mention the subject, and it will create a line drawing ready for coloring.

Creating coloring book pages of copyrighted characters is not allowed.

Check out these examples:

Coloring Book Example

You can also upload an image as reference. For instance, upload a picture of a deer, and it can convert it into a coloring book outline.

Coloring Book Deer Outline

3. Hot Mods

Want to spice up your images? Upload a picture, and let the Hot Mods GPT modify it to match your wildest ideas.

Here the image of the same deer – reimagined in a wintry scene:

AI Winter Deer Scene

4. Data Analysis

With this GPT, you can easily upload and analyze your data, enjoying support for a variety of formats including text files (.txt), CSV (.csv), Excel sheets (.xlsx, .xls), JSON (.json), image files (.jpg, .jpeg, .png), PDF documents (.pdf), and Python scripts (.py).

For instance, I converted an Apple product price list from our Cheapest Countries in Asia For Apple Products article into a CSV file, uploaded it, and asked, “What’s the price difference for an Apple Watch Series 9 in Japan compared to”

Apple Watch Price CSV

You can request a table view of your data or even a chart, like a pie chart:

Data Analysis Pie Chart

5. Cosmic Dream

For those who wish to create dreamy, visionary art, this GPT is perfect. Just input an object, and it will transform your idea into a beautiful piece of digital art. For example, entering “planet,” “puppy,” or “lollipop” gave these results:

Visionary Digital Art

6. genz 4 meme

Confused by the latest slang or memes? Type in a phrase (e.g., “no cap”),

Slang Query Example

or upload the meme image to understand its meaning.

Meme Upload Example

If a meme’s humor escapes you, upload it and ask for an explanation.

Meme Explanation Request

7. Tech Support Advisor

Consider this GPT your all-around tech support. Ask it anything from setting up Google Docs to configuring your smartphone.

For example, I inquired, “How do I create a smart object in Photoshop?” and received accurate, reliable steps.

Photoshop Smart Object Help

Another query was, “How do I find the serial number of an Apple Watch?”

Apple Watch Serial Number Help

8. Math Mentor

Stuck on a math problem? Take a photo of the question, upload it here, and get not just the answer but a thorough explanation as well.

Math Problem Explanation

9. Game Time

This GPT clarifies rules and helps resolves disputes for card and board games. Curious about a game’s mechanics? Snap a photo, upload it, and get a detailed explanation.

Here’s what happened when I uploaded an image of the “Old Maid” card game:

Old Maid Game Explanation

10. Laundry Buddy

Laundry Buddy GPT helps with all your laundry queries, from stain removal to deciphering clothing labels and advising on washing machine settings.

Here’s what happened when I uploaded a clothing label for advice:

Laundry Label Advice


There you have it—ten incredibly useful ChatGPT GPTs. But this is just the beginning; each tool has the potential for much more complex tasks. It’s worth experimenting to discover their full capabilities, especially now that you can create your own GPT. The possibilities will only grow as more developers get involved.