Goodsie – Build Your Own Online Store Easily

Update: Goodsie is no longer in service.

E-commerce is growing rapidly, and many people want to start their own online stores to sell products. Even physical stores are going online for more exposure. If you don’t like coding, you can use tools like Goodsie to create your own online store without any coding knowledge.

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Getting Started

Goodsie makes it very easy to start your online store. You only need a store name, an email, your name, and a password. Once you enter your store details, you get a flat UI dashboard to manage your new store.

Goodsie store management dashboard

Managing an online store includes adding and managing products. Besides fields for description, titles, and prices, Goodsie offers unique features like SKU for tracking profit margins and options to add extras like wrapping and color.

Goodsie product manager

Styling Your Store

The style of your store is crucial. Goodsie’s store designer is simple to use. You can customize page layouts, backgrounds, colors, fonts, effects, and add your custom logo. However, there’s a downside.

Goodsie store design options

Goodsie doesn’t allow advanced users to fully customize the default design. This limitation may drive away more tech-savvy store owners over time.

The Little Extras

Goodsie compensates with great extra features.

The extras start with a statistic dashboard that provides information about your store, including visitor numbers, actions, average time spent, common actions, searches, traffic sources, and countries.

Goodsie store statistics dashboard

Additionally, Goodsie offers features like coupons for your store and the ability to accept credit card payments using Stripe Payments.

Up to 55% of shoppers want multiple payment options and might abandon their cart if they can’t pay the way they prefer. Having Stripe integrated is a big advantage.

Stripe payment integration in Goodsie


Goodsie offers two plans: Standard at $15/month and Premium at $40/month. The Premium plan includes extra features:

  • Inventory email notifications
  • Insightful sales analytics
  • Targeted email marketing system
  • Multiple user accounts and permissions
  • Shipping label solutions by ShipStation

Personally, I think the Premium plan is overpriced.

Should You Try It?

Here’s a summary of Goodsie’s pros and cons.


  • Simple and easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Multiple payment options with Stripe.
  • Coupon Codes feature.
  • Detailed product information (e.g., gift wrapping, colors).


  • The site styles may be too simple for some users.
  • The pricing plans are a bit high.
  • No ‘free’ account option.


Goodsie offers useful and unique features, but it may lack in design flexibility for those wanting more customization. Hopefully, Goodsie will allow more design freedom in the future.

I recommend Goodsie for store owners looking for a simple, easy-to-use e-commerce service, especially beginners in online business and eCommerce.

Will you be using Goodsie?