70 Wonderful 3D Typography That Truely Inspires

Imagine an artwork without type – you can only make assumptions what the graphics are trying to deliver. Type enhance and ensure you get whatever message the campaign is delivering. Typography design on the other hand, is what many designers are striving to improve and excel. Getting to the next level in typography design, at most of the time, may be tricky and challenging. Font, colors, style, keywords and placements are all the crucial factors to form a great typography design.

But how do you spot a good typography design? We feel that any artwork that catches your attention and delivers the message across quickly is a good design. Here we present, 70 Wonderful 3D Typography That Truely Inspires.

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Artek by ARTek92

3-dimentional typography artwork created with Photoshop CS2 and Cinema 4D.

Music by Hoe Yi, Cheong of fireantz

"M" Typographied by djmagic0

Awesome 3-dimentional formed by lots of different texts.

Bold is beautiful by GoMediaZine

If you like this 3d typography, you can get a t-shirt with this printed on it.

Dj Hell by muschetaru

10 Say by Sarah France

Make the most of out Open Type by kidswithtools

Typography on a Hill by bloodyhippo

Under the sea by homeaffairs

When there’s one on the hill, there sure to be something under the sea. It’s a wallpaper too.

ur.typo.sux by bes31


Yulia Brodskaya’s Portfolio

Tipografia en Photoshop by luuqas

Created with Xara 3d and Photoshop.

Think for Yourself by shydog1978

3d Text by hollisterb

THANKS.TO.YOU by Destin8x

Super Graphic Arts by RoninPyro

Kyle Bean’s Portfolio

Softness by Be Playful

Some People refuse 2 b default by AhmedGalal

Spirit by Excosoldier

Stay Green Go Red by Mike Campau

Stone 3d Design by Hebbylaya

Stranded by bes31

Serif Gothic is the New Black by chris_rushing

Zune Marketplace: Art direction for ad of Zune’s new online store.

Zune: Whole New House

Perplex City

Type: Created for Computer Art Projects

Current Account: Created for Publicis on behalf of Halifax

On Us: Created for Rapier on behalf of Virgin

Fresh science word: Created for Computer Arts

Save by dkomov

Signal December by Demen1

Self Promotion by Static Moment

Online Interactive Marketing by cresk

Pepper by pascal brander

Pink Party by Demen1

Play with type by Rickybir

Rebuild by Jeff Finley

Smile by Adamwoodhouse

URB Type Treatments by Chuck Anderson

Le Coffee Socks by flexgraph

Let’s Dance Into The Fall by p-h-o-e-n-y-x

Love by dreaming-star

Merry Christmas by dreaming-star

Lukano Font by Luke Lucas

MoreVision by Andrew Morev

Kaleb by SilentMYSTIQUE

Hello Autumn by Fumou

Helvetica by Kim Holtermand

Colide Typography by gomediazine

Cinema 4D tutorial on creating explosive typography.

1lk 195 Wishes

The Futures

Type treatment for Lifelounge Magazine – The Future Edition.

Envy 3D Text by thekellz

This 3d typography art is also a widescreen wallpaper. Available in these following resolutions: 1600×1200, 1280×1024, and 1024×768

Do the dance by Fel1x

Flyer for local schoolparty.

Anno 09 Poster by Destin8x

Anthology of Type by WeAreLoudmouth

Art line by luuqas

Boom by Bobbwhy

Done using Xara 3D then importing the letters seperately into Photoshop.

Decathlon gigantic ad

Break on Through by manthra

Exprimental work created with 3D Max and Photoshop.

Web Designer Magazine Cover Illustration

Recent commission by Web Designer Magazine to illustrate a cover on the theme of 3D in Flash.

Empire by Theo Aartsma

Superexpresso’s Portfolio

Poster and flyers for New Year’s Eve big party at Mosquito with Brooklyn based dj Tony Rohr.

Hellohikimori, The Shop

Poster for Hellohikimori‘s shop, a Japanese design studio.

Gramond III by leonardclagett

Modeled and rendered with mental ray in 3ds max. Tweaked in photoshop.

Green by SneakyTomato

Foudnation by Fanzi

"Typography is the foundation of all true design"

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