38 Free Elegant XHTML/CSS Website Templates

A friend once asked "why do you still surf for web templates when you can create one?". I answered, for fun. But then again I start to ponder and realiazed even if we are capable to create, there are still many great reasons to check out free templates out there.

Thanks to many of the generous souls, most of these web templates found online are no longer the same. A lot of them are high quality, XHTML compliant, cross-browser compatible and comes with Photoshop .PSD files. As a developer cum designer myself, I wouldn’t say you should get a nice free template and implement directly, but rather, check out the structure, design and codes. Labeling, naming, styling and structuring are what interest me more, and I’m pretty sure there’s more if dug deeper.

Without further ado, here’s (another) 38 Free Elegant XHTML/CSS Website Templates. Full list after jump.

Book Store2-column template with clean wooden book shelf as header.

Symisun 01

StrockesStrockes comes in package of .PSD, HTML, CSS and fonts. Registration is required.


AqueousLiquid 3-column layout. Also available in 2-column.

Typography Paramount

Real EstateComplete solution for a real estate company. Includes also admin templates.


Redfire 2Nice black and red templates.

Mint Idea

The SpringSame style with more different colors – 1, 2, and 3.

Nature Theme

Musical Instrument

Extreme Updates

Trial Impact

Corporate Profiles




Deep Blue

EC Mania

Dally Studio

Ideea Hosting

Prom Night

My Personal Page

Medical Clinic

Free Software

The Radio Station

Mirax Development

Photographer Folio

Cleo Studio

Happy Template

Internet Encyclopedia

Gentle Wiki

GrungeEra 1.0A fixed width, single column website template designed for small sites and personal blogs. It features a stylish grungy theme design and uses a warm colour scheme.

News Flash

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