21 Most Visited Free Fonts Site

In the design industry, there’s always a gold rush for a good font that may add impact to the designs. As a designer, I too am always out there looking for fresh free fonts to add to my font collection. And for that, I turn towards some of the best websites for free fonts.

So in this post, I’m sharing through my experience, 21 free fonts sites that are most visited and preferred by a majority of professional designers.

If you have more recommendations, feel free to share.

Google Fonts

Yup, Google also has an amazing collection of high-quality fonts that are completely free and open source. You can download and even modify the fonts. Along with high-quality fonts, the web interface itself is very interactive and easy to navigate.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: 821 font families

Fonts Squirrel

A website dedicated to free fonts for commercial use. The font database is extensive, and you can use handy font generator and identifier tools if needed.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: over 2000


DaFont has a massive collection of fonts uploaded by contributors. Most fonts are free, but you will also find demo and shareware here. Do make sure you check the license before using any font.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: over 32,000


One of my favorite font resources, FontZone has a humongous collection of free fonts and many of them are free for commercial use. You can find many cool fonts like 3D fonts, Graffiti, shadow, Logo, Gothic, and more.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: over 50,000

Lost Type

Lost Type uses pay-what-you-want model for personal use fonts, you can even pay $0 to get the fonts. The fonts are high-quality but only available for personal use for free.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: over 60 font families


It has over 14000 free fonts available for commercial use and thousands more available for personal use and demos. You can download 50 fonts per day, and the limit can increase to 200 with the premium account.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: over 60,000


I love the web interface of this site for its easy navigation and simplicity. And like others, they also have an extensive database of free and high-quality fonts uploaded by over 2000 designers.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: over 32,000

Font Freak

Although you can only alphabetical browser the fonts, Font Freak makes it very easy to download all the free fonts (9000+) with a single click. The quality of some fonts are questionable, but there are many gems as well.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: over 9000

Creative Market

This is a market for design-related content. You will not find free fonts section here, but they have “Free Goods” section where multiple products go free every week, including fonts. Check it out every week, and you may land a cool font for free.

Font preview: Yes

Fonts on Behance

You can find many amazing fonts on popular creative work platform Behance, but it’s not available right in front. You’ll have to search for the fonts, and a simple search of “free fonts” should get you started. Many of the fonts are available for commercial use as well.

Font preview: Yes

The Northern Block

It’s a paid fonts website, but it has a free section where you can find a bunch of cool free fonts. There are hardly a few dozen fonts, but the quality is good.

Font preview: Yes

Font Cab

A free fonts website dedicated to commercial use fonts only. It’s not being updated anymore, but Font Cab has a nice collection of free commercial fonts that you should definitely check out.

Font preview: No

Archive: over 900


Another good place to find high-quality fonts, but the fonts are paid and only few are free in each category. You can find fonts in Moreno, Cormac, Ossem, Central Sans Pro, and few other categories.

Font preview: No

1001 Free Fonts

Although 1001 Free Fonts have over 10,000 free fonts, but most of them are only available for personal use. You can get all the 10,000+ fonts with the commercial license for $19.95. The fonts are neatly categorized, and I also really like their customizable preview tool.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: over 10,000


This site may not have a comprehensive list of fonts, but they make up for it with quality. The fonts on FreeTypography are really impactful, although very few of them are available for commercial use.

Font preview: No

Archive: over 250

Abstract Fonts

Quality and quantity, Abstract Fonts has both, but the easy navigation is what makes this website cool. You can quickly skim through dozens of fonts and download them. Not to mention the highly customizable preview tool.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: over 14,000

Urban Fonts

One of the best resources for finding both free and paid fonts. Urban Fonts has thousands of quality fonts with support for different languages. The website is also very interactive and you can find fonts using categorize, alphabets and tags.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: over 30,000 free fonts

Hype for Type

Hype for Type is popular for its paid fonts, but there is a good free section as well where you can find free “Regular” fonts. Though whole font families aren’t free, but I really like the font quality.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: 172 font families

The League of Movable Type

A must visit for anyone looking for quality fonts. They are very keen about open-source fonts and quality, and hold strict standards for fonts. The fonts here are a must for your collection.

Font preview: Yes


Another reliable place to get high-quality free fonts to supercharge your collection. You can browse fonts by category, and the preview tool is really customizable as well. List of all the font characters are also provided with each font.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: 9348


Adobe Typekit offers thousands of original fonts contributed by world’s leading type foundries. Although it has a paid subscription model, but it also offers over 950 fonts for free. Most fonts are only available for web use, but some can be synced with Creative Cloud apps.

Font preview: Yes

Archive: 7500+ paid fonts | 950+ free fonts