30 Templates & Vector Kits to Design Your Own Infographic

Infographics are always fun to read. Making them, it’s something else. True, there are tools you can use to make infographics, or you can opt to create an infographic from scratch but often times there are workarounds that can help you with the ‘graphics’, so you can focus on the ‘info’.

We’ve brought together 30 free infographic design elements, vectors and templates to help you with the presentation of your infographic. The visualization of data is made a lot easier when you can play around with these ready-made elements, mostly available in vector and Photoshop format. These are great design kits for you to start fiddling around and build your own infographics.

Infographic banners. Format: .Ai, .EPS

World Infographic. Format: .EPS [Download]

Information Technology infographic. Format: .EPS [Download]

Oil Theme Business Infographics. Format: .EPS [Download]

Year Infographic Elements. Format: .EPS [Download]

Elements of Food Infographic. Format: .EPS [Download]

Elements of Water Infographics Vector Set. Format: .EPS [Download]

Chart & Infographics Design Elements Vector 05. Format: .EPS [Download]

Retro infographic Elements. Format: .EPS [Download]

Infographic Vector Kit. Format: .AI .EPS [Download]

Infographic Design Elements Vector. Format: .EPS [Download]

Economy Infographics Design Elements. Format: .EPS [Download]

World Maps & Statistics. Format: .EPS [Download]

Economy Infographics & Chart Design Elements. Format: .EPS [Download]

Business Data Elements 01. Format: .EPS [Download]

Economy Infographics Design Elements. Format: .EPS [Download]

Portfolio Retro Graphics. Format: .EPS [Download]

Vector Charts & Graphs. Format: .AI .EPS [Download]

Elements of Infographics Vector. Format: .EPS [Download]

Vector Infographic Elements. Format: .EPS .SGV .PDF [Download]

Set of Chart & Infographics Design Elements. Format: .EPS [Download]

Dark Highlight Infographic Design Kits. Format: .AI .EPS [Download]

Analytics, World Map & Statistics Elements. Format: .EPS .SVG .PDF [Download]

Graphs, Charts & Icons Graphic Kit. Format: .EPS .AI .SVG [Download]

Free Vector Infographic. Format: .EPS .AI [Download]

Infographic Icons, Bars, Pie-Charts & Graphs. Format: .AI [Download]

Retro Style Elements. Format: .EPS [Download]

Bar Chart, Locations, Population & Pie Chart Elements. Format: .AI .EPS [Download]

Callout Pie Chart Infographic. Format: .EPS [Download]

The World Infographic. Format: .EPS .SVG .AI [Download]

Magnolia. Format: .PSD [Download]