Top 10 Free Responsive Joomla Themes

So for the past three days, we’ve given you a quick intro on building responsive web designs for a mobile layout and showcased some free and premium WordPress themes you can adopt for your website.

In today’s post, we’re moving on to Joomla themes. Granted we didn’t find much of it but it’s not like we didn’t try (honest!). In any case, if your site is powered by Joomla, you should take a look. In this list, you will find 10 of the best free responsive Joomla themes, with links to a demo of the themes in action and where to get them.


H5BP4J is a responsive template starter (very basic) for those who prefer to create their own templates. This template starter was build on HTML5 Boilerplate.

[ Visit The Homepage | Demo | Download ]


Music is a free responsive Joomla template from GavickPro. This Joomla template produces a breathtaking Web site that will catch your visitors’ attention.

[ Visit The Homepage | Demo | Download ]


Cameleon is a Joomla 2.5 template built with a responsive design to fit into any screen size available out there. The template comes with rtl support, JJ Slider and accordion menu, Google Fonts and more. It’s also compatible with Joomla 1.6.x – 1.7.x and Joomla 2.5.x

[ Visit The Homepage | Demo | Download ]


Elastica is both beautiful and well presented responsive, and it can fit to all screen sizes, including extra widescreen. Elastica is built on JAT3 2 Framework and jQuery Masonry script.

[ Visit The Homepage | Demo | Download ]

CMS Blue

CMS Blue is a simple responsive theme that offers the basics but you can always use your creativity to modify. This CMS Theme also comes in different colors and style; CMS Grey, CMS Water and CMS White.

[ Visit The Homepage | Demo | Download ]


JoomlaDagen is a responsive template for Joomla 1.7. The template is also using Twitter Bootstrap, Skeleton and Google Fonts.

[ Visit The Homepage | Demo | Download ]


Puresite is a simple and clean yet beautifully presented responsive Joomla template. This template works well and fits any screen sizes, and the minimalistic design makes it look great.

[ Visit The Homepage | Demo | Download ]

Leo Restro

Leo Restro comes in 3 theme colors to suit your style and support customization for background and fonts via template configuration. Leo Restro is built on the Leo Framework.

[ Visit The Homepage | Demo | Download ]


OneWeb is a basic template or ‘template starter’ for Joomla that was built with responsive design in mind; one that you can use for better template design development. Among the features are a fluid grid, HTML5, lightweight and fast.

[ Visit The Homepage | Demo | Download ]


Vertex is a free responsive Joomla template, however the download will require a free membership. Vertex is built on Shape5 framework which offers 95 module positions, custom row and column width, and much more.

[ Visit The Homepage | Demo | Download ]


HTML5 Blank Template

This blank template is an HTML5 template for responsive web design on your Joomla 2.5, created with HTML5 Boilerplate. No graphic or modules, just a solid future-proof foundation to start your Joomla development with.

[ Visit The Homepage | Demo | Download ]

Next Up in RWD

If you’re into developing your own responsive design, have we got some tools for you. Same time tomorrow. Don’t miss it.