30 Cheatsheets and Infographics for Mobile App Developers

There are vast categories of smartphone and tablet apps in the market today that educate, enhance and engage users in multiple ways (help us take flawless pictures, manage our finances better, keep healthy and stay fit, or indulge is in our spy tendencies).

If you have the passion for apps, or want to start an app business but need help, you should check out these 30 cheatsheets and infographics related to mobile app development. We hope that the following selection will inspire and help you start building better and smarter iOS and Android apps.

Like all our other cheatsheets & infographics articles, the images here are cropped for a nice fit, so do click the links to have the entire view.

iOS and Android Design Guidelines Cheat Sheet

How To Become A Mobile App Developer

A History Of App Stores

Finding Success In Mobile App Development

The Little App Developer That Could

The Maturation of iOS and Android

The Rise of the Planet of the Apps

How To Make A Successful App

5 Ways To Build Profitable Applications

Trends In Business Mobile App Development

How To Promote An App

Wake Up Call – If You Spend It They Will Come

Mobile Gaming Is On The Rise

Top 32 Resources App Developers Should Know About

Why App Developers Prefer iOS Over Android

Revenue Wars – iOS vs Android Apps

Android vs iOS – A Tale Of Platform Fragmentation

The Economics Of Freemium Apps

Android vs iOS – Which Users Stay Faithful

Mobile App Development Odyssey

Android vs iOS – Is Android Really Beating iOS?

Android vs iOS

iOS vs Android – The App Arms Race

How Long Does It Take To Build A Mobile App

iOS 7 Design Cheat Sheet

App Store Optimization Cheatsheet

Android Fragmentation Visualized

Android App Development Cheat Sheet

Which is Better – Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites?

The Developer’s Guide to Building Secure Mobile Applications