Pimp Your PC – 25 CPU Coolers You Should See

Like the way we expect a man to be able to know his way around a car, we expect geeks to be able to fix his own PC – whether it be a software- or hardware-related issue. So when a desktop PC overheats, causing a loss in performance, a geek or gamer’s first thought would be to improve cooling to the CPU.

Changing a CPU cooler cannot be done on pre-built PC, the kind you buy off the shelves. This is why a common trait of a geek is being able to build their own, cheaper and often better-performing desktop PC. Whether or not you are into building or modding your PC, be sure to check out these 25 CPU Coolers that make your system look and perform cooler.

Shadow Rock 2. [$75.43]

Zalman Reserator 3 Max. [$129.87]

Cooler Master Hyper T4. [$32.89]

NOFAN CR-95C. [$68.68]

Phanteks PH-TC14PE. [$84.99]

Thermaltake SpinQ. [$59.99]

Asus Artic Square. [$49.99]

Coolermaster GeminII. [$58.95]

Prolimatech Armageddon. [$99.32]

Zalman CNPS9900DF. [$93.67]

Cooler Master Hyper 103. [$32.00]

Cooler Master V8 GTS. [$99.99]

Cooler Master V10. [$109.99]

Coolermaster X6. [$40.05]

Coolgate 2012. [$60.02]

Enermax ETS T40-TA. [$47.95]

Grand Karma Cross 2. [$64.80]

Lion Square. [$51.44]

Rosewill RCX-Z300. [$14.99]

Thermaltake NiC C4. [$50.95]

Thermaltake V1. [$27.99]

Thermaltake BigTyp14Pro. [$64.99]

SilverArrow SB-E Extreme. [$99.90]

Zalman CNPS5X Performa. [$19.99]

Swiftech MCX-VCore. [$59.95]