About Us

Hi and thank you for visiting Hongkiat.com, the site that features tips, tricks and tutorials for designers, bloggers, developers, techies, and readers who are hungry for creativity and inspiration.

How It All Started

Hongkiat.com was the brainchild of Hongkiat Lim (pronounced hong-key-att) who back in the year 2007 was stuck in an unhappy job environment. He stopped short of leaving the job because he was heading a team of very creative co-workers, although the circumstances he was stuck in made it very difficult to be productive.

Instead, and in an effort to cope, he indulges in a blog that essentially formed the backbone of today’s hongkiat.com – a site which shares things that designers and bloggers look forward to reading. The coping mechanism evolved into a hobby, then a passive, but sound, income-earning channel. In mid-2007, he took the plunge, quit his job and devoted himself to the blog full-time.

About Hongkiat.com

Hongkiat.com has its roots in Malaysia, runs in Malaysia and will continue to flourish in Malaysia (we just love the food here, can you blame us?). Hongkiat.com may have begun from humble beginnings, but it has since developed into a site with an international presence and influence.

We are already receiving a steady flow of 10+ million pageviews per month, and the numbers are not showing any signs of slowing down.

Today’s hongkiat.com features tutorials or articles on Photoshop, HTML/CSS, WordPress, Design tools, Photography, Wallpapers, Freebies and more. Some of the contents you find here have been featured or referenced to by sites such as Huffpost, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, TheNextWeb and more.

Writers And Contributors

What initially began as a one-man show eventually evolved into a multi-authored blog, featuring contributions from a mix of more than 90 permanent writers and freelance contributors (to date).

Alec Lynch

Alec is the founder of the website, DesignCrowd.com, a crowdsourced design service bridging the gap between client and skilled providers.


Ally Biring

Ally is a graphic design graduate interested in print design, typography and all things Web. She is also a blogger with PrinterInks.


Alvaris Falcon

Alvaris is a web designer and developer. He is also a charity runner, and writes a blog called Holy Aviary.


Andrew Follett

Andrew is an online marketing consultant and the founder of ConceptFeedback.com, a website feedback community for designers, developers and marketers.


Ann Cheen

Ann is a freelance writer who is also fascinated by design and photography. If she’s not writing, she is running around taking shots of her hometown for her collection.


Arfa Mirza

Arfa is a EuroPakistani, mastering the art of Media Studies. Writing is both her passion and profession. She is big fan of world cultures, and is the proud co-founder of Dzineblog360.com and Webblog360.com.


Aurora Gatbonton

Au a.k.a. AwGatsby is a photographer and portrait artist who works full time creating web content for the Web.


Awais Imran

Awais is a passionate writer cum blogger at WINARS and artsyHANDS. He is currently working as a freelance writer for tech websites.


Bharani M

Bharani M is a young designer from India who has a keen interest in exploring new technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.


Blue Derkin

Blue is a project and social-media lead at InMotion Hosting in Marina del Rey, California. He also writes as Web Hosting Help Guy, InMotion Hosting’s blog dedicated to all things related to design, development, and web hosting.


Brujo Owoh

Brujo Owoh is a Multimedia Systems undergrad, specializing in Web Design and 2D Animation. He enjoys reading fiction, hanging out with his mates, and keeping up with design trends on Twitter.


Cameron Chapman

Cameron is a professional Web and graphic designer with over 7 years of experience. She also writes for a number of blogs.


Carine Ma

Carine has a background in traditional art and multimedia design. She has been a multimedia designer for over 6 years and is currently available for freelance work.



Carlos is a flash-addicted geek, who is also the founder of The Tech Labs, a site that regularly publishes Flash Tutorials, Flex Tutorials and AIR Tutorials.


Carol Francis

Carol is a Photoshop addict, and spends the majority of her time creating Photoshop tutorials and resources for her blog Graphix1. She has a passion for scouring the internet in search of inspirational art/design to share with her readership.


Charnita Fance

Charnita is an Internet Marketing student at Full Sail University. She is also a part-time blogger. In her spare time she enjoys trying out new apps for the Web, PC, Mac and iPhone.


Christopher Wallace

Chris is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for AmsterdamPrinting.com, a leading provider of personalized pens, promotional pens, and other personalized items such as imprinted apparel, mugs and customized calendars.


Christian Arno

Christian is the founder of Lingo24, a multi-million dollar international translation and localization company with more than a hundred employees in over 60 countries.


Darren Stevens

Darren is the founder of Blogvibe, a new, minimalistic design blog focusing on design, inspiration, showcases and general articles about blogging and the likes.


Dibakar Jana

Dibakar is a designer and avid blogger from India.



Dainis is a blogger from Latvia. He is webmaster of Psdeluxe.com (Photoshop deluxe) – a design community where you can find Photoshop tutorials and useful resources for web and graphic designers.


Daniel Smeek

Daniel is a web designer and developer who has a huge interest in photography (he takes his camera almost everywhere!). When he’s not designing or taking photos, he writes articles for awesome web design blogs.


Donna AG

Donna is a web designer/developer, a Facebook addict and a fan of Apple.


Edward Khoo

Edward is a tech enthusiast based in Malaysia. He blogs at EdwardKhoo.com.


Emma Egan

Emma is a freelance graphic designer from Sydney, Australia. She is listed in DesignCrowd’s freelance web designer directory.


Geo Paul

Geo is an independent Web/iPhone developer who enjoys working with PHP, Codeigniter, WordPress, jQuery and Ajax. He has 4 years of experience in PHP and 2 years experience in iPhone application Development.


Harry Jay Clement

Harry is a freelance graphic designer from Malaysia listed in the Top 10 in DesignCrowd’s Graphic Design Malaysia directory.


Helmi Asyraf

Helmi Asyraf is from Huzzer Magazine – an online WordPress magazine that provides content on all you want to know about WordPress.


Hongkiat Lim

Founder and Chief Editor of Hongkiat.com, a designer, developer and hardcore fan of Apple.


Humza Mehbub

Humza is a freelance journalist who has been blogging for the past 3 years. Apart from the usual tech blogging, he also loves photography, and experimenting with Photoshop.


Irham Kendeni

Irham, also known as Indaam, is a web designer and developer from Indonesia. He also loves CSS and WordPress theme development.



iYingHang is an obnoxious blogger and online entrepreneur featured in various Malaysian media. Besides running his web design company, he also blogs at his technologies blog, Shastera.com.


Jacob Creech

Jacob is a usability geek at IntuitionHQ.com – a simple usability testing service by designers, for designers, that’s quick and easy to use. When he’s not indulgin in g his passion for the Internet, he is studying Chinese (having spent 3 years in China) or reading about design.


Jake Rocheleau

Jake is a social media enthusiast and an Internet entrepreneur. Having spent over 4 years working freelance web design, he frequently writes articles involving new-age design concepts and personal motivation.


James Adams

James is a writer and analyst working for Cartridge Save, an online specialist store supplying printer ink in the UK.


James Yeang

James is the writer of a Malaysian tech blog called Friedbeef.com.


Jeff Wall

Jeff is a designer, and the founder of Texteffect.me Photoshop tutorial blog.


Jelly Bone

Jelly is a freelancer who likes to write about web design and inspiration. She currently works with FbPager.com, is trying her hand in Facebook Templates construction, and is happy to support creative innovations that can help make the web development community a better place!


Jen Thames

Jen Thames is brand manager for GoPromotional.com, the leading promotional products supplier online.


Jenny Warner

Jenny works for PixelCrayons.com, a creative web design and development agency that specializes in custom web design & development, PSD to HTML, CMS & E-Commerce solutions.


Jesse Matlock

For the past 6 years, Jesse has been immersing himself in UI design, app development and web trends. He is the founder and design lead for a small, though very talented development team that focuses on bespoke app development.


Jennifer Moline

Jennifer writes about graphic design, small business and technology, for PSPrint.com.


Karina Sokolova

Karina is a student with a passion for product sketching and industrial design. Karina runs her own blog about product sketching – SketchMyWorld.com.


Karol K

Karol is a writer, web 2.0 entrepreneur from Poland, and a grad student at the Silesian University of Technology.



Kay is a tech-savvy and regular writer at Hongkiat.com. He also maintains K-Director.com, a technology blog.


Kelly Swee

Kelly is a new media consultant from Singapore. She specializes in the video media platform, and has a keen interest in digital media design artworks.


Kevin Harter

Kevin is a graphic designer, regular blogger and the owner of CrystalintMedia.com. When he is not cranking his brains with new graphic design technology, he can be found desperately trying to write a poem!


Khalid Fattouchi

Khalid is a student, living in the Netherlands, with a passion for web design, UX and Photoshop.


Kristi Hines

Kristi is a social media enthusiast, freelance writer, online marketing strategist and a blogger at KristiHines.com. When she’s not online, she enjoys photography, tennis and salsa dancing!


Kristian Jeffrey

Kristian runs StreetAdvertisingServices.com. He has a ten-year career in Advertising, and Art, and loves combining both fields to create interesting projects for Brands.


Ksenia Makarova

Ksenia is a technical writer at ITMCompany.ru.


Kurt Edelbrock

Kurt is a law student, freelance writer, web developer, and online marketing expert. He is the founder of AuricBlog.com, a blog focused on saving money without needing to give up the things you love.


Lindsey Wright

Lindsey is fascinated with the potential of emerging educational technologies (particularly the online school) to transform the landscape of learning. She writes about web-based learning, electronic and mobile learning, and the possible future of education.



Lizzy is a journalism student and freelance writer. She writes about technology, travels, music and cultural events.


Manesh K

Mahesh is an animator by profession and owner of Howtouse-photoshop.com where he helps people present their creativity digitally with Photoshop tutorials and useful resources.


Maria Nemenman

Maria Nemenman is a contributing writer for Hongkiat.com, and a marketing specialist for website builder Wix.com – a free web platform that lets people create quality Flash websites without having to use code.


Michael Poh

Michael is a freelance blogger and regular contributor for Hongkiat.com. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with a double major in Psychology and Communications & New Media in 2011. He believes in the power of the written word to influence and inspire.


Michael Vreeken

Michael is a blogger and social media addict, owner of facebook-templates.net, a Facebook template store.


Min Thu

Min Thu is the founder of flashmo.com and koflash.com.


Mohammad Jeprie

Mohammad is an author, blogger and graphic designer. He knows some Photoshop techniques and loves sharing his knowledge with others. He runs PSDfreemium.com and DesainDigital.com where he regularly shares free design resources and tutorials.


Monjurul Dolon

Monjurul is an NYC-based interface designer and web developer, freelancing his way through life. He blogs at DevGrow.com, where he shares tips and resources on web development and design.


Nina Krimly

Nina Krimly is a freelance website blogger and developer. She’s the main owner of junkiee.net. Nina is currently studying Information Systems in Effat University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Oleg Mokhov

Oleg Mokhov is the world’s most mobile electronic musician, a web and visual design enthusiast, and co-founder of the premium royalty free music store, Soundtrackster.com.


Paul Underwood

Paul is a PHP web developer from Bristol, UK. He writes tutorials about web development in PHP, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5. He also records useful code snippets at Paulund.co.uk.


Peteris Kelle

A designer with knowledge in various software (Maya 3D, Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, etc.) and programming languages (Pascal, C, C++, Delphi).


Phong Thai

Phong Thai is a web developer and coder with more than 5 years experience in PHP, JavaScript and CSS. He’s also the founder and admin of JavaScriptBank.com – a Javascript resource site with thousands of free JavaScript code examples, DHTML, tutorials, training videos and references.



Poonam works as a Product Manager at Harbinger Group. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and is an active blogger.


Prakash Ghodke

Prakash is a freelance web/graphics designer from India. He also blogs at webdesignersdesk.com where he shares tutorials and resources related to web design and web development.



Raja maintains the community-powered web hosting reviews site HostWisely.com. He regularly publishes interesting articles on web hosting, web development and the latest hosting deals and coupons.


Rajiv Sighamony

Rajiv works in the financial sector, and has years of experience selling financial products. He now uses all his experience running his own blog – financemagazineonline.com



Rean owns KnowledgeSalad.com where he publishes cool and short articles.


Rishabh Agarwal

Rishabh is an engineering student from India. He’s also a passionate photographer and a web designer. He writes about technology on his blog, TechyLabs.com, and about photography on ShutterSkills.com. Follow him on Twitter.


Ryan Turki

Ryan is a web developer (Javascript, PHP, XHTML, CSS) and designer who loves Photoshop.


Salman Saeed

Visit Salman’s website at demortalz.com


Samar Owais

Samar is a freelance writer, blogger and social media enthusiast. She offers rock-solid tips for freelance writing success on her blog TheWritingBase.com or SamarOwais.com and can be found on Twitter talking about writing, freelancing, productivity (or lack thereof) and travelling at odd hours of the day.


Sebastian Guerrini

Sebastian is a graphic designer and image consultant, with a PhD in Communications and Image Studies. He is currently at work at his internationally recognized design studio, Guerrini Design Island in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Shane Ward

Shane is a contributing editor of the art/lifestyles sites: Freshbump.com, Collect3d.com, and FormatMag.com.


Singyin Lee

Singyin is Hongkiat.com’s editor. She has a love-hate relationship with words, writers and the Web. She prefers books over the latest gaming console(s) and has the papercuts to prove it.


Sonia Tracy

Sonia is the content editor for PsPrint.com and editor of PsPrint Printing and Design Blog.


Steven Bradley

Steven is a web designer and WordPress developer who moved to Boulder, Colorado to be near the mountains. He blogs at VanSEODesign.com, and runs a small business forum to help people learn how to run and market their business better.



Syamsulariff is a student at the National Defence University of Malaysia, and a future army officer. Subscribe to his blog feeds if you are interested to receive any updates from him.


Taimur Asghar

Taimur Asghar is a blogger doing his ACCA. His blogging interest encompasses designing, web applications, inspirational work and Photoshop. He is also the co-founder of AddictiveFonts.com.


Tara Hornor

Tara has a degree in English and writes about marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design and desktop publishing. She works for PrintPlace.com, an online printing company that offers brochures, posters, postcards, business cards and more printed marketing media. In addition to her writing career, Tara also enjoys spending time with her husband and two children.


Tirsina Radu

A young, creative entrepreneur, Tirsina has been a blogger for 7 years. She discovered the awesome universe of self improvement and since then has been a proficient teacher of personal skills.


Tomas Laurinavicius

Tomas is a blogger and designer from Lithuania. He’s interested in web design, Photoshop and WordPress design. Get in touch with him if you have interesting projects you want to collaborate on.


Trinity Nick

Trinity is a blogger from the UK. She reviews products for sites like LaptopReviews.org.uk and Missphones.co.uk. She is a tech geek, and contributes to other tech sites as well.


Viki Hoo

Viki is the founder cum Editor-in-chief of 7plusdezine.com, and marketing specialist for Sothink.com. She’s also a graphic designer with 6 years of experience in vector, logo design, flash and HTML5.


Woody Romelus

Woody is a web designer who has been solving design-related problems for 5 years. He is pursuing a Masters degree in Software Engineering where he would like to fill the gap between development and design.


Wu Agape

Agape is a social media marketer, and a serious blogger who’s addicted to the Blogger template. She likes to study social media and Blogger design, while sharing her personal thoughts in her Wretch’s blog.


Xavier Lur

Xavier is a tech blogger and a gadget zealot who is currently on an internship with Yahoo! Singapore.


Yanuar Prisantoso

Yanuar is freelance web designer/developer from Indonesia and also the founder of Denbagus.net, weblog that provides information about web technology resources, apps, trends, open source, free stuff, tips and tricks.