Minify and Compress PNGs Fast With UPNG

If you frequently work with transparent PNGs then you know how difficult they can be.

Editing, exporting, and publishing PNGs with transparency takes real effort. Let alone the compression process where you want to reduce file size but not sacrifice quality.

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JPEG Optimization Guide for Web Designers

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UPNG can help. It’s a free image optimizer built for the web and it’s specially designed to optimize PNG files.

UPNG homepage

From the homepage you’ll notice the interface is pretty darn simple.

Select the PNG file you want to optimize. Then set your custom settings varying between total size of the image(output KB) and the final quality of the image.

Note this is very similar to TinyPNG but the creator for UPNG actually wrote a comparison post detailing why their tool is better and how it can compress PNGs faster with less quality loss.

This is one dedicated developer.

It all comes from the team at Photopea who have developed a few other free image tools for the web. So this is a group that knows how to create quality resources for editing photos.

They even released a free JS version of the UPNG platform for web developers.

This way you can run the same compression engine on your own site right through JavaScript. How cool is that?

upng webapp example

So if you frequently use PNGs then check out UPNG and give it a shot.

The final image output appears on the same page so this works just like a typical webapp. And it’s one of the cleanest I’ve ever used, especially compared to many of the JPEG compression tools out there.