Run SQL Code in Your Browser With SQLPad

Practice SQL or test the SQL code snippets right in your browser.

The rise of cloud-based IDEs makes it easy to code from anywhere. With cloud IDEs you can learn how to build websites without any coding software at all!

And with browser advancements you can even start running more dynamic codes like database SQL. The free SQLPad webapp is a great tool for anyone who’s practicing SQL or frequently testing code snippets.

To get this setup you do need to run some CLI commands but they’re not too difficult. The entire setup should take less than 5 minutes and in the end you’ll have a really cool SQL testing tool.

sqlpad webapp testing sql code

Take a peek at the installation page to get started. This includes all the commands you need to run along with a link to the main GitHub repo.

From there you’ll be able to setup a local host SQL environment that connects to a simple IDE in your web browser. You can run codes for MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, anything!

Just note this doesn’t work exactly like the other cloud-based apps. Websites like CodePen are hosted on their own servers and you can save your codes to share with the world.

With SQLPad you’re using a local webapp that runs on a localhost server.

By following the installation guide you’ll end up with a really handy testing tool, even if it doesn’t connect to the Internet. Granted it may not be so good for hosting websites, but it’s enough to test your SQL commands.

sqlpad sample data graph

When you enter long SQL codes you can save them as snippets for later use and even organize them into collections.

Plus SQLPad has its own performance testing tools so you can track how your SQL code runs in real time. Pretty cool right?

Have a look at the main page to see what else SQLPad has to offer. The install guide is pretty simple and you can find even more info on the main GitHub page.