Hottest Web Applications of the Month – July

Here we are again! In this particular month, we will like to share to you a whole bunch of great web apps that will improve your workflow in all sorts of different ways from online video editing to rapid prototyping, learning Ruby on Rails and more – you name it, we’ve got it.

Of course, if you’ve got a great app you think we should include on this list you can suggest them by commenting below, or sending us a tweet @Hongkiat using the tag #hkwebapp. We’d love your feedback on the types of apps you’d like to see, and your favorite apps.


Tomorrow is a very neat and nicely designed to-do app. It keeps the interface very simple by offering you just two options – today or tomorrow. If you can’t get it done today, put it on the tomorrow’s list, and do it the next day.

I’ve been trying out the app for a few weeks now, and I found the “deliberately” limited option really helps me focus on the task in hand. The app also has iPhone, iPad and Android app available, so you can get your to-do list wherever you are. Well worth a look for the to-do junkies out there.



InVision is an extremely useful tool for designers and developers that helps you to build up real working interactive prototypes in no time. All you need to do is upload your wireframes or designs, set up some links, and then you can run clients or users through your designs.

By testing your designs in this way and letting clients make changes earlier, you can invest more time on making great and functional sites, while avoiding the issue that the client wasn’t quite sure what they are looking for. Watch the screencast and you’ll be sold.


Aside from its pretty look, is a great way to collaborate on different documents in real time, so you and everyone else you are working with the document can see changes reflected as you edit them.

If you’ve ever been working on a pitch, plan or anything else with multiple people, even in the same location, you’ll appreciate how simple and painless operates document collaboration.



JayCut is a surprisingly powerful online video editing tool which brings video editing to your browser.

I’ve been playing with the tool for a while now, and have found it fast, responsive and full of functionality. If you’ve got a slow computer, you move around a lot, or you don’t have access to other more expensive tools, JayCut is really something you should check out.

Most remarkably, the interface is really easy to use and understand compared to most desktop video editing apps, and you can access it all from your browser window.


Rails For Zombies

Rails for Zombies is an extremely well produced site for anyone who is interested in learning more about Ruby on Rails. It has a number of different lessons that teach you the basics in a new and interesting way.

One of the best things about it are the screencasts for each module which keep your interested while teaching you how to program. There’s also a very helpful PDF for each module to help to ensure you’ve got all the important information down pat.



Wetransfer is one of the most interesting file sharing sites I’ve seen for a while. They allow you to upload up to 2GB per file, and it’s free so no registration is required.

Unlike other file sharing sites I’ve seen though, they’ve also got a really different business model – behind the page where you share the files, they have fantastically designed full screen advertisements. None of the advertisements are in your face, and every time I go back to the site, I actually feel like clicking through to see just what the ads are for. It’s pretty neat. (Suggested by Danny)


Aviary Music Creator

Aviary has a collection of really interesting tools, and among them all I found one very enjoyable to play with: Roc.

Roc is really a fun and interesting way to create music. There are 50 free instruments available, and you can mix and match to make all sorts of fascinating musical creations. You can also share and collaborate on different tracks, and it’s lightning fast to boot. For the musical guys among us, this one is definitely worth a look.



Feedly is a very beautiful tool for following your favorite sites and finding new ones.

There are a bunch of different categories you can sign up to follow, as well as a huge range of popular sites. You can neatly divide all the different topics you are interested in, and get suggestions for other sites you might be interested to follow.



Historious is a great way for managing bookmarks that you otherwise wouldn’t find again, and has lots of helpful features too.

You can bookmark in just one click. You can tag your bookmarks, share your bookmarks with whoever you like. They also take a snapshot of the sites you bookmarked so even if they change in the future, you can view them as they were when you first found them.

Best of all is it has full text search for all your bookmarks, so you don’t need to remember the headline, just input any information from the post. It’s like Google for you bookmarks.



If you’ve ever needed to convert audio files then Switchr is the site for you.

All you need to do is to select your file, the format you’d like to change and enter your email address. There is such a confusing array of audio file converter out there so having an easy tool like Switchr is really a lifesaver. It’s free too, so keep it in mind next time you need to play with audio. (Suggested by Ameer)



OhLife is a journal for the modern age. Rather than opening up a diary or any other application, you simply get an email every day asking how your day went. All you need to do is reply to that email, and your thoughts will be saved for you.

I really like this app because it fits in with my workflow so nicely. I’m always on email anyway, so a quick reply to OhLife is very quick and painless, and a great way to reflect on everything you’ve been up to.



Conceptboard is another great web app for online teamwork and collaboration.

Among many features, you can draw directly on a board for your team to see, drag files directly on to your concept boards, write over your documents, leave comments easily for others to see, invite colleagues and clients to participate and even work on it using your iPad. The free account gives you a lot of options and is worth a look. (Suggested by Roman)


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