Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (November 2012)

There are a number of new great tools and resources out to give web designers and developers that extra leverage for their job. This month we have some great free tools and resources worthy of a try, starting from a plugin to create cool photo effects to a plugin for content and image sliding with genuinely cool transition.

So, let’s check them out.


Responsive web design is now becoming the standard practice in creating a website. This makes this tool really helpful to get the job done. Proto is built upon SCSS for prototyping responsive layout quickly by providing pre-defined CSS classes ready for use, defining the responsive grid and some device specific classes.


Grid Displayer

If you are working with Responsive Design frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation you probably need this bookmarklet to keep track of the grid in the browser. This tool will show an overlay grid on the webpage you are viewing. It’s quite handy, just drag & drop it into your Bookmark bar. Just click on the bookmarklet anytime you need grids to show.

grid displayer


Windows 8 applies the simplicity of Metro design language. If you want to embrace this style on your website, BootMetro is probably what you need.



There are many WordPress starter themes available in the Internet, but no other is as great as Underscores. With it, you can specify and personalize the Theme Name, Description, Author and specifically the Theme Slug, which applies to the theme function once you download the package, so you will get something like theme_slug_function.



Like the Parallax effect you see in websites like this one? If you want to apply a similar effect to your website, you can use Jarallax, a JavaScript animation library to create the Parallax effect (in almost no time).



Are you bored with gallery sliding effects that only moves horizontally? Then check out Windy, which uses 3D transformation to run the content in a genuinely unique way. See the demo here.



In short, tiltShift in photography is a technique to make a photo looks smaller, almost miniature-like than it really is. Check our collection of such photos in this post: “Tilt-Shift Photography”. If you want to apply such an effect in your photo gallery, you can simply use this JavaScript Library, TiltShift.js.



Sequence.js is a Responsive jQuery slider plugin with some advanced transition effects. Unlike the other slider, Sequence does not come with its own built-in theme. So, we can completely customize the look and feel to match our website.



jQuery UI is a complete set of common web user interface and interaction, which is easy to use. However, the default theme is boring. So, if you want to have a different look for jQuery UI, yet don’t want to get your hands dirty with CSS, you can simply replace the default CSS styles with Delta, a slick theme for jQuery UI.