Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (June 2014)

It is yet again a new month and time for us to share some good stuff that we carefully selected for designers and developers. This round, we have tools to help with royalty-free hi-res photos, a Javascript library that formats numbers into date and time, font icons for payment options, and to help return the Web workspace to Photoshop CS6.


Hookr is a web application that records and lists the growing number of Hooks in WordPress. A slider is provided so you can easily slide to change the WordPress version, then you will instantly see the number of hooks available in that selected version. Hookr organizes this in alphabetical order for better organization. Basically, it is a search engine for WordPress hooks and functions.


WinJS is a collection of UI found in Windows 8 and Windows Phone UI. You can find a number of common UI such as Image Slider, Tooltip, DataPicker, Searchbox, and Toggle button. WinJS, however, implements its own animation model and design paradigm. You can got to WinJS and see how the UI works; note that some of them, currently, only works well under Internet Explorer.

Thermal API

Thermal API is a plugin to give you WordPress-based website APIs, which allow you to access content, extend, and publish it in different forms of media. You can use the API, for example, to build a mobile application that shows your website content. Thermal API supports all WordPress Post Types and Taxonomies.


Moment.js is a JavaScript library that formats numbers into Date and Time. Moment.js supports formatting of many regions and languages, including Catalan, Arabic, and Hindi. It’s a must-have tool, if you build websites or apps that present Time and Date.

CSS Font Stack

Sometimes the default fonts installed in the computer is insufficient, and we need @font-face to customize the typographic presentation in our website. CSS Font Stack lists popular fonts installed in Windows and Mac – like Arial, Impact, Times, Georgia, and Futura – and stacks them in font-family in accordance to its popularity.


Finding an image that is free to use is quite tricky. If we’re not careful, we may end up stirring up a legal issue. Look no more, HiResStock provides an excellent collection of high-resolution stock photos that you can use for free – worth bookmarking.

40+ Websites to Download Royalty-Free Images

40+ Websites to Download Royalty-Free Images

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Voice Elements

Voice Element is JavaScript library that makes utilizing Web Speech API easy. It introduces a new element called voice-player along with a number of Options, Functions/Methods, and Events.

Payment Webfont

Payment Webfont is a collection of font icons for Payment Processors company such Paypal, Bitcoin, Google Wallet, and Stripe. Yet another font icon to bookmark.


Pondasee is built with Sass and Compass. It ships with a number of customized Sass Mixins and a handful of popular libraries such as Normalize, Formalize, and Seletivzr, making it a great starting point for building websites.