Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (August 2014)

Alright, by now you know the drill, so let’s just skip ahead to the good stuff. This round of resources we will be introducing you to an awesome source for icons, a new modern browser in the making, a new CMS and tools to help you pick the better font and color schemes to use in your web design.

Let’s check them out.


Static websites have recently been getting more attention among web developers. They are simple and can run comparably faster than a PHP-based website, and they don’t need a server with SQL and PHP enabled. So, If your work consists mostly of building for static websites, consider adding FenixWebServer to your tool belt. FenixWebServer is GUI app for running servers for static websites. It is also equipped with localtunnel, so your site can be accessible online.



Pixelvicon is a free collection of nice icons, meticulously crafted by Mohammad Amiri. The collection consists of 80 icons and come in various formats to cater as many needs as possible, including SVG, PSD, PNG, and Webfont. Better bookmark this one.



Mazwai is a collection of various short clips and videos that can be freely used in personal and commercial websites. WordPress developers may also find Mazwai a great source to get free videos to feature on their themes and template demos.



Pagekit is a new CMS (Content Management System) with a lot potential. It is packed with a bunch of features to make managing your content easy and fun. You can create Page and Blog posts, build a new theme to customize the website’s look, and install extensions. Pagekit also ships with handy developer tools including Debug Bar, Command Line Interface, and Pagekit’s very own template engine, Razr.



If you build websites that issue tickets or that allows the users to export data, then you should find jsPDF useful. jsPDF is a JavaScript library that allows you to turn your web pages to PDF. jsPDF browser support is great; it even works on Internet Explorer 6.



Sassline is Sass library containing Mixins and recommended styling for better web typography. The measurements are carefully calculated that it scales proportionally in large and small viewport size. Sassline is a great companion for Sass library and in building responsive websites.


CSS ColorGuard

CSS ColorGuard is quite a unique tool. If you are composing plain CSS, often you can’t avoid using two colors that very similar to each other, sometimes too close. CSS ColorGuard will keep you away from this; it will warn you if you are having similar colors within the stylesheet.

css colorhaurd

Beautiful Web Type

Google Font is a popular host to get custom fonts for the Web. It has plenty of options in terms of font families. The question now is how we can make the fonts fit together nicely. Beautiful Web Type does that for us; it shows us multiple beautiful font pairings of Google Font to give you a better picture of which fonts to pick.

beautiful web type