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This article was first published on: Jun 12, 2012.

What if you could see who among your friends ‘Like’d which of the pages that come out on the results you searched on Google? For example when you search for keyword ‘funny’, Google will list down search results and next to every result, you get to see Facebook ‘Like’ button together with a list of your friends who already liked the link. This may help you to open up the result based your friends’ recommendation, and if you feel like it, ‘Like’ the link as well.

This feature helps you to find out what cool things on the Web have attracted the attention of your friends, but since Google is our best search buddy, it is way cooler if you can integrate Facebook ‘Like’ button on every search results too.

There is an extension called Google +Like that allows you to ‘plug’ this tiny ‘Like’ button onto your Google search results. Google +Like is a cross-browser extension, available for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, that runs with a simple script to let you integrate the Like button on Google search.

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Adding Google +Like to browsers

If you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome, head over to the Google +Like download page and click on the ‘Get Google +Like’ button.

Install +Like

Now if you are using Chrome, click ‘Continue’ at the bottom left of the browser to allow the download of the extension, and proceed with install.


Once completed, open Google search and search for any keyword, you will see a ‘Like’ button appear just next to your search results, and on the right sidebar, you will see athumbnail list of your friends who already liked the links.

Search Result


When we do any search on Google, it’s quite hard to skip to which result would be best to look up. With this ‘Like’ integration, it adds the factor of recommendations based on previous Likes by the people you know on Facebook.