Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (December 2013)

Since we are at the end of the year 2013, we want to make this series special. As always, every month, we search for tools, apps, and resources for web designers and developers. And for the month of December, the list is no less impressive.

We have for you tools that help you turn the skeuomorphic design into flat design in a snap, a couple of tools to help you manage code snippets, a couple more that will be of great help if you need to build WordPress themes, and an awesome database of API docsets you just cannot miss. Let’s check out the full list.

Skeumorphic design on the Web are now getting flatter. It’s an effect of changing trends. Some of the advantages of Flat Design are that it gives the UI a fresher looks and allows the users to focus more on the website’s content. Need to turn your skeuomorphic design flat? This Photoshop plugin will let you do that in just a few clicks.


Dash is a fine, up-to-date collection of API docsets for a wide range of (more than 80+) languages, including for PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, HTML, Sass, LESS, etc., that you can download for use. It’s also a handy code snippet manager, making it way easier to streamline your work.


When building a WordPress theme for public use, an Option Page is created for theme customization so the code does not get compromised. Building an Option Page, however, is time-consuming, unless you use a framework like Redux. It supports for some field types – single line input, text area, image upload, custom error handling, custom field & validation, and import/export functionality.

WP Test

If you are about to release a WordPress theme, you need WP Test to measure your theme and to identify errors and flaws that may only occur under particular circumstances. It contains a set of data based on WordPress Theme Unit Testing and you also get an inside look into some experiences by the author.


GistBox is an app for keep code snippets. It uses Gist, the code sharing feature from GitHub as the storage. So if you have a bunch of code snippets saved in Gist, you can use this app to make them more manageable.


Flaticon is a Photoshop plugin that allows you to search and find icons (from Flaticon database) directly from Photoshop. Flaticon comes with more than 19,000 icons. All icons are vector and thus are scalable at any size. This Flaticon is compatible with CS5, CS6 and CC.


Transit brings CSS3 transitions and transformations to jQuery. And since it uses CSS at its core, this plugin will work best in IE10+, Firefox 4+, Safari 5+, Chrome, and Opera. It will nicely degrade in browsers that do not support CSS transition with the jQuery Transition and Animate method.


Ink is a new HTML email framework that allows you to create beautiful and responsive email that will works across different email clients and platforms – without the hassle. It comes with a set of classes that allow you to build the grid, control element visibility, and create buttons.


Animatron is an online tool that allows you to build animation and interactive presentations with HTML5. You can add sound, svg, images, split the scenes, and create custom shape. You can then publish your work as HTML5, and GIF.


Ionicons is a set of new font icons by Ionic Framework. These icons are nice simple, but sharp. It is prefect for use in flat websites or apps.