Fresh Resources for Web Designers and Developers (May 2015)

It feels like New Year’s was just yesterday. Nonetheless, we are here now in May, and the time has come for us to share new resources with our fellow web developers.

In this round we have some good references worth bookmarking, a tool to help you check for HTML mistakes, a shortcode for composing music notations, a JS library for handling tables responsively, and a responsive grid system.

CanIUse Shortcode

CanIUse is a comprehensive source to track browser support for modern web features. This is a WordPress plugin that displays a CanIUse table for the specified feature using a handy shortcode. Once activated you can add, for example, [ciu-display feature="audio"] to display the results for HTML5 audio element support in a table.

jQuery FileAPI

A jQuery plugin that interacts with the browser API file to handle file uploading, this plugin also includes the ability for image cropping and resizing, and uploading multiple files.


Building a responsive Table is real tricky. There are a lot of JavaScript libraries and techniques you can use, but each comes with its own pitfalls. Tabella is a library that looks promising in the bid to tackle this notorious hurdle in responsive web design.


StickyFill is a polyfill of the new CSS3 sticky position. It perfectly simulates the sticky position behavior, and it also works with many sticky instances.


Basket.js is a JavaScript library used to optimize JavaScript load time. Basket.js will cache JavaScripts in the localStorage hence avoiding unnecessary load in the future. This will also improve the website speed as the scripts are not called from the user but instead fetched from the server.


HTMLHint is a small web tool to check errors in HTML. The tool will check for naming standards, missing closing tags, accessibility issues, proper use of Doctype, and duplicate ids and other issues you may often overlook.

ABC Notation

Are you a musician and running a WordPress-based site? This plugin might be what you have been looking for. Once activated, ABC Notation allows you to compose music notations in your post and page using a shortcode.

KSS StyleGuide

KSS Styleguide makes creating a living style guide more convenient. The tool will automate the process and as your website grows with new additions and UI iterations, KSS will update the style guide.

Internet Explorer Status

Internet Explorer is evolving for the better. In the latest version (before Spartan) Internet Explorer has embraced plenty of new web standards. Now you follow the status of upcoming features that are to be released with the next version. It’s a handy reference for web developers aside from CanIUse and Chrome Status.


Valley is a collection of OS X folder icons and common third-party generated folders such as Dropbox, Drive, and OneDrive. The folder color is more toned down, which I think is a better decision than what you get with the OS X Yosemite (too vibrant!) folders.

CSS Wizardry Grid

A lightweight yet robust CSS responsive grid system developed by Harry Robert, it is packed with a handful of CSS goodness; it is fully responsive, powered with Sass, structured with BEM methodology, and are reversible grids.