10+ Best Web Design Tools & Resources in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Explore essential free and premium web design resources for 2024 like Brizy, GetIllustrations or WhatFontIs.

The number of design resources and tools available on the market is increasing at a pace faster than one can count to 100. This makes it increasingly challenging to find the tools or resources you want and need to stay ahead of the competition.

To lend a helping hand, we’ve evaluated numerous free and premium resources and tools for designers and small business owners.

The variety of web design tools and resources featured in our list includes:

  • Website Builders – which you can use to quickly and easily create landing pages and multi-page websites, all without the frustration of hitting your head against the desk.
  • WordPress Themes – which allow you to build complex websites and e-stores known for their high conversion rates.
  • WordPress Plugins – which enable the incorporation of otherwise challenging-to-develop functionalities, helping your websites stand out.
  • Vector Illustrations – which can transform a dull website into a captivating one.
  • Font Identifiers – which help you identify appealing fonts used by brands like Nike or Hilton, allowing you to incorporate them into your own web projects.

More than half of the web design resources and tools listed here are either free or offer a free version or trial. They are presented in order of discussion:

What Do These 15 Best Web Design Tools & Resources for Designers and Small Businesses Have in Common?

They Exude Quality. The moment you install or download and begin using any of them, you’ll notice there’s something distinctively premium about them. This “special” quality is reflected in how effortless each interaction with the tool or resource feels.

They Are User-Friendly. From installation to downloading, using, or editing, all interactions and features are thoughtfully placed and designed.

They Deliver Value. Utilizing these tools will enable you to complete web design projects more quickly and enhance the aesthetics of your deliverables. By incorporating them into your workflow, you’re likely to secure higher-paying projects.

The 15 Best Web Design Tools & Resources for Designers and Small Business Owners

To simplify your search, we have meticulously compiled essential information about these products, including key features, ratings, user reviews, and access to immediate customer support resources.

Let’s dive in.

1. Brizy Builder

In Brief: Brizy is the best and most intuitive website builder for any agency or designer in the hunt for a white label option.

Click on the video to get a firsthand look at one of Brizy’s most popular templates in action.

Notably, its standout feature is the white label option that allows your clients to build websites using a builder that you own, which prominently showcases your brand.

There’s much more to appreciate about Brizy. Highlights include:

  • Brizy’s intuitiveness: each tool or option is readily available precisely when and where you need it.
  • The capability to directly edit text, images, or any content in place.
  • The elimination of the need to deal with content creation through a disjointed sidebar, a common inconvenience with many other builders.

Brizy Builder also presents its users with a commendable array of demo/template/prebuilt websites. The “Natural Beauty” pre-built website, for instance, is attractive and inspirational, offering a robust foundation for websites aimed at beauty parlors, spas, and other service-oriented businesses.

Agencies and resellers will find value in the marketing integrations, reseller client management, and billing features.

Rating: 4.6/5 on Trustpilot

User Review: “I’ve been using Brizy for a while now, and their support team is outstanding. Quick, knowledgeable, and always ready to help. They’ve made our website design experience a breeze. I highly recommend Brizy for their exceptional support and user-friendly platform. Thank you, Brizy team!”

Types of Instant Support Materials: Support manual and YouTube videos

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2. Trafft – Booking Software

In Brief: The #1 Free Scheduling Online Software for Service-Oriented Businesses.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of Trafft’s most popular templates in action.

A highly valued feature among website building or enhancement tools is their adaptability; in this instance, the capability to operate in multiple languages. 70% of Trafft users highlight its powerful multilingual notifications system as the top feature.

The extensive library of prebuilt websites significantly contributes to the enjoyable experience of working with Trafft. The Trafft Barbershop template demonstrates the seamless integration of scheduling and marketing.

Exploring Trafft’s capabilities is a rewarding journey. Key features you’ll appreciate when you start using Trafft include:

  • The backend and frontend interface’s ease of use and innovative design.
  • The strength of the customization options available.
  • The versatility of the white label option.

The white label option is particularly advantageous for digital design agencies and web developers servicing clients. Another key user group includes individuals who require immediate confirmation for their appointments and schedules.

Rating: 5 stars on Captera

User Review: “Overall, Trafft makes a very good impression. For those looking to manage appointments within their business, Trafft is an indispensable tool. The UX and UI impressed us with their intuitiveness.”

Types of Instant Support Materials: Customer Support via Trafft’s ticketing system, Support manual, YouTube videos, email, and social media.

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3. wpDataTables -The Best Tables & Charts WordPress Table Plugin

In Brief: WpDataTables is the best WordPress plugin for businesses and individuals tasked with managing complex data to create tables and charts.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of WpDataTables’ most popular uses in action.

The WordPress table plugin’s standout feature, its Multiple Database Connections, marks a significant advance in data management, transforming every table into a comprehensive data hub that can gather information from various databases and servers.

Aside from this, WpDataTables offers numerous features that facilitate the creation of custom, responsive, and easily editable tables and charts, streamlining data management processes. For instance, a financial team could effectively utilize the responsive top mutual fund template.

With WpDataTables, you will quickly realize you have access to:

  • A rich assortment of useful and practical functionalities within an intuitive interface.
  • Unmatched data management capabilities.
  • The expertise to adeptly handle complex data structures.

WpDataTables serves a broad spectrum of client needs effectively.

  • Separate database connections for engaging with specialized database systems.
  • Chart engines for visualizing data trends and comparisons, useful in marketing, finance, and environmental contexts.

Rating: 4.5/5 on WordPress.org

User Review: “My company deals with A LOT of data and spreadsheets. These spreadsheets act as master files shared among various departments, and I needed a way to link these spreadsheets with the data on WordPress. WP Data Tables provided THE PERFECT SOLUTION for bridging this gap.”

Types of Instant Support Materials: Support manual, YouTube videos, and the Facebook community.

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4. LayerSlider – Best WordPress Slider Builder Plugin

In Brief: LayerSlider is the best WordPress slider plugin for creating websites with amazing animations. It is perfect for anyone who wants to save time and effort.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of LayerSlider’s most popular templates in action.

It’s common for a newly added tool or feature to quickly become a favorite among users.

The scroll effect in LayerSlider has become the plugin’s standout feature, prominently featured in the most recently released templates, including full-size landing pages and entire websites. Experience the Parallax City template to see the potential of these designs.

The versatility of LayerSlider contributes to its popularity, enabling the creation of simple sliders or slideshows as well as the integration of complex animated content.

You will appreciate:

  • The customizable interface, making LayerSlider feel like it was tailored specifically for you.
  • The access to connected online services, providing a plethora of visual content creation possibilities.
  • The Project Editor, simplifying the use of this plugin significantly.

LayerSlider particularly excels in creating content for marketing, offering astonishing effects for engaging customers through popups and banners.

User Review: “Great quality and importantly – great support!”

Types of Instant Support Materials: Manual, integrated help in Project Editor, ticket system, and questions or concerns sent via email

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5. Amelia – WordPress Booking Plugin for Appointments and Events

In Brief: Amelia is the ideal WordPress plugin for agencies and service-oriented businesses looking for an automated booking website.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of Amelia’s most popular templates in action.

Amelia’s automated notification system stands out as its prime feature. Users appreciate the simplicity with which they can categorize appointments as pending, approved, cancelled, rejected, or rescheduled. Additionally, sending birthday greetings or notices for upcoming events helps enhance client engagement and loyalty.

Amelia offers a variety of templates that are easily customizable. The massage therapist template, for instance, exemplifies a stylish and contemporary design.

Engaging with Amelia, you will notice:

  • The seamless navigation and innovative design of both the frontend and backend interfaces, highlighting its functionality and user-friendly approach.
  • The extensive customization options Amelia provides, along with its straightforward pricing plans.

The Amelia plugin is beneficial for any service-oriented business, including ticket sales agencies and event organizers. Developers and programming agencies will also find value in incorporating Amelia into their design toolsets.

Rating: 4.8 on Capterra

User Review: “Easy to learn, comprehensive (recurrent bookings, group bookings…), customization options for colors, fonts, various forms available, integrates well with Elementor. Ideal for the end user: logical, simple, includes customer accounts. Support is efficient and responsive.”

Types of Instant Support Materials: YouTube videos, Discord Group, and Support Manual

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6. Uncode – Creative & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

In Brief: Uncode is the #1 multiuse WordPress and WooCommerce theme for designers and creative agencies in search of an excellent solution for any project.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of Uncode’s most popular templates in action.

The extensive range of website building tools and options offered by this creative WooCommerce theme certainly contributes to its popularity. However, most users highlight the demo library as its standout feature. The demos exhibit remarkable attention to detail and can serve as significant sources of inspiration.

Choosing a single best feature would be difficult, so it’s best not to attempt it. The Portfolio Video Cover template from Uncode is among its most downloaded. Consider what possibilities it could open up for you.

You will quickly appreciate Uncode’s customization capabilities, the value of its demos and wireframes, and the exceptional customer support provided.

Uncode’s main user base includes:

  • Shop business owners who praise Uncode’s innovative WooCommerce features.
  • Agencies and freelancers who value the advanced customization options available.

Rating: 4.89/5

User Review: “Out of all the themes I’ve used, Uncode surpasses them all, in my opinion, and the latest update is simply astonishing! It offers the flexibility to create any design or type of site. It’s an exceptionally robust theme with numerous options and settings. I’m extremely satisfied with it! A heartfelt thanks!”

Types of Instant Support Materials: Support manual, YouTube videos, Facebook groups

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7. Slider Revolution – More than just a WordPress Slider

In Brief: Slider Revolution is the best WordPress plugin for anyone looking to create jaw-dropping animated sliders.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of Slider Revolution’s most popular templates in action.

Slider Revolution’s premier feature is its capability to create visually stunning animated effects for WordPress sites without the need for additional effort or coding skills.

But the Slider Revolution plugin’s utility extends beyond just sliders. It allows you to:

  • Design home pages that immediately capture the attention of visitors.
  • Create visually appealing portfolios that demand a closer look.
  • Develop striking website sections that stand out.

If you’re seeking inspiration, explore Slider Revolution’s extensive library of over 250 templates. Many feature unique special effects not found on other websites and are fully optimized for various screen sizes. For instance, the Generative AI WordPress template is nothing short of revolutionary.

Slider Revolution is ideally suited for individual web designers, e-commerce sites, and small agencies.

Rating: 4.6/5 on Trustpilot

User Review: “Slider Revolution 6 is an incredibly fun tool to use, delivering exciting and fantastic looking animations to any site. Its versatility makes Slider Revolution an essential and powerful addition to any WordPress site!”

Types of Instant Support Materials: Support manual and YouTube videos

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8. Getillustrations – Creative Stock Illustrations Library

In Brief: The best resource for designers looking for premier illustrations that feature exceptional attention to detail.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of GetIllustrations’ most popular icons in action.

Is GetIllustrations’ top feature its collection of 21,500 vector illustrations, the free updates for one year, or the addition of new illustration packs every week? In fact, it’s the combination of all three.

With over 40 categories to explore, each filled with dozens, hundreds, and even up to 1,200 captivating illustrations, finding the perfect one for your needs is effortlessly easy. The illustrations are so well organized that browsing through them is a breeze.

Designed to cater to a wide range of clients, from students to businesses and developers, the collection includes pencil and basic ink illustrations, several 3D illustration categories, and specific themes like fitness, logistics, and eco illustrations, among others.

Exclusive to GetIllustrations, these illustrations enable users to craft truly unique projects.

Packs are available for purchase, with the Essential Illustrations pack being the most comprehensive. It includes Scenes, Avatars, and Elements, boasting a vast collection of one-color vector illustrations renowned for their depth and timeless appeal.

User Review: “Great product, and I appreciate the alternative to relying solely on Adobe stock for my app’s illustrations. Really impressed with the range of illustrations you offer!”

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9. Mobirise AI Website Builder

In Brief: The best online AI tool for generating and downloading full page websites through the use of prompt commands.

The Mobirise AI website builder’s premier feature allows for the generation of a website from a single prompt.

Provide a detailed description of your envisioned website, your offerings, and your target audience. The AI website builder leverages your input and intelligent algorithms to automatically create customized, aesthetically pleasing websites. This makes it an excellent choice for those without technical expertise or anyone in search of straightforward, efficient design solutions.

So advanced is Mobirise AI that it can understand instructions in Swahili, showcasing its impressive language capabilities.

  • Once the AI has generated a basic layout, you can use prompts to select a style, color scheme, typography, and more. Pre-generated text and content can also be edited to meet your specific requirements without the need for coding.
  • Important: The AI facilitates website creation but does not claim ownership of the final product.
  • Concerned about optimization for Google or mobile devices? Mobirise AI addresses all such concerns as well.

User Review: “Your team has excelled here! With just a brief paragraph from me, the complete concept of the site was grasped. What was generated, including images and text, perfectly aligned with our brand’s upscale messaging and class of images. Everything was executed exceptionally well.”

Types of Instant Support Materials: Support manual, YouTube videos, and the User Forum

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10. WhatFontIs

In Brief: The most accurate font identifier available with no cost for searching.

There is a 90%+ chance that WhatFontIs will identify any free or licensed font you wish to find.

No other system matches this level of accuracy. WhatFontIs boasts a database of nearly 1 million free and commercial fonts, which is at least five times more than any other font identifier tool.

Users turn to WhatFontIs for various reasons, whether it’s to identify a specific font requested by a client or simply because they’ve encountered an appealing font and wish to know its name and where to find it. The search can be conducted regardless of the font’s publisher, producer, or foundry.

Just drag, drop, and upload a clear font image.

  • An AI-powered search engine swiftly identifies the font along with over 50 similar options.
  • The results will indicate where to download the free font and where to purchase a commercial one.

For the tool to accurately identify your font, the submitted image must be of high quality, and letters in cursive fonts should be separated. If these conditions are not met, the tool may not correctly identify the font.

User Review: “I found my font within seconds. Many thanks.”

Types of Instant Support Materials: User Forum

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11. Blocksy – Premium WooCommerce WordPress Theme

In Brief: Blocksy is the #1 free WordPress theme for building beautiful, lightweight websites in 2024.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of Blocksy’s most popular templates in action.

Blocksy’s leading feature is evenly split among its user-friendly header and footer builder, WooCommerce integration with its extensive features, Gutenberg compatibility, and the advanced hooks system equipped with display conditions.

In other words, there’s hardly anything that you won’t find utterly impressive. (The high customer rating supports this assertion).

Moreover, Blocksy is available for free!

You’ll quickly come to realize that Blocksy:

  • Leverages the latest web technologies.
  • Delivers exceptional performance.
  • Seamlessly integrates with the most popular plugins.

Blocksy is versatile enough to create any type of website across any niche.

The demos of Blocksy are not just visually appealing but also highly useful for website building. The Daily News creative demo ranks among the top 5 most utilized.

Rating: 5/5 on WordPress.org

User Review: “An exceptional theme supported by a world-class customer service team! The responsiveness and helpfulness of the customer service team make this the best WordPress theme I’ve ever used. 🚀 With a wealth of features, I highly recommend this theme.”

Types of Instant Support Materials: Support manual, YouTube videos, and an easily navigable documentation section

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12. Total WordPress Theme

In Brief: Total is the #1 WordPress theme for web designers and developers who want the flexibility to be able to design from scratch.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of Total’s most popular templates in action.

Total’s versatility is undoubtedly its standout feature, making it a comprehensive toolkit of design options, which justifies its name perfectly. Additionally, its exceptional support distinguishes Total from many other themes.

Engaging with Total will quickly reveal:

  • That Total is optimized for speed, with possibilities for further optimization to enhance performance.
  • An abundance of settings, numerous page builder element options, a font manager, custom post types, and more.
  • Support for dynamic templates for posts and archives.

The prebuilt sites offered by Total are of superior quality. Bolt, known for its minimalistic design, is among the top 5 most downloaded and utilized, adaptable to a variety of purposes.

Total is designed to meet the needs of beginners, developers, DIY enthusiasts, and essentially anyone in need of a flexible and powerful website solution.

Rating: 4.86/5

User Review: “I have utilized this theme across multiple sites, and the developer consistently keeps it updated and in excellent condition. Highly recommended!”

Types of Instant Support Materials: Support Manual

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13. Essential Grid – WordPress Gallery Plugin

In Brief: Essential Grid is the best WordPress Gallery Plugin for designers and businesses who want to create a breathtaking gallery.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of Essential Grid’s most popular grid skins in action.

The hallmark of Essential Grid, its array of over 50 unique grid skins, is undoubtedly its standout feature.

This plugin offers significant value, as few web designers or developers would choose to create a gallery from scratch when such alternatives are available.

Using an Essential Grid gallery skin, you can easily achieve the desired gallery layout, and you might even find yourself enamored with a layout you hadn’t anticipated. For instance, the Funky Instagram cobbled layout social media grid might present an entirely new perspective on gallery design.

You’ll quickly appreciate Essential Grid’s ability to save time and effectively organize content streams.

Rating: 4.7/5 on Trustpilot

User Review: “An excellent plugin, operates flawlessly. Had some questions that needed answering, and the support team was incredibly friendly and helpful, not stopping until all issues were resolved and I was fully satisfied.”

Types of Instant Support Materials: Support manual and YouTube videos

Preview Essential Grid

14. WoodMart – WordPress WooCommerce Theme

In Brief: WoodMart is the ideal WooCommerce theme for designing niche ecommerce websites.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of WoodMart’s most popular templates in action.

A quick visit to the WoodMart website immediately highlights its standout feature: the custom layouts for shop, cart, and checkout pages are so impressively designed and realistic that you might momentarily forget you’re viewing a demo and attempt to place an order.

WoodMart is distinguished by numerous appealing aspects:

  • A vast array of options available for customization.
  • The ease with which layouts can be customized to add necessary branding, despite their near-perfect initial design.
  • The Theme Settings Search function and performance optimization features significantly save time.
  • Options like “Frequently Bought Together,” “Dynamic Discounts,” and social media integrations are highly favored by store owners and marketers.

Additionally, WoodMart offers a White Label option for further customization.

Identifying the most popular demos can be challenging, as many enjoy widespread usage. However, the Event Agency demo stands out as one of the top 5 most downloaded for clear reasons.

Rating: 4.93/5

User Review: “An excellent theme that’s easy to use and optimized for page speed insights. I’m very satisfied with this purchase.”

Types of Instant Support Materials: Support Manual and YouTube Videos

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15. XStore – Best WooCommerce WordPress Theme

In Brief: XStore is the best WooCommerce theme for anyone looking to easily build a high-converting online store.

Click on the video for a firsthand look at one of XStore’s most popular pre-built websites in action.

XStore is clearly designed for shop owners and those aspiring to be, with its range of ready-made stores (pre-built websites) having long been a popular feature. However, the newly introduced selection of Sales Booster features has rapidly become the most celebrated aspect.

You’ll quickly come to value the Builders Panel and the intuitive XStore Control Panel, both of which offer extensive flexibility for building and customizing your store.

The immediate advantage provided by the pre-built websites is evident from the start. Opting for a pre-built website like the XStore Grocery Store, you’ll see how swiftly you can have an e-store operational.

Beyond the ready-to-use layouts, XStore grants you immediate access to the Single Product Builder, Checkout Builder, Cart Builder, Archive Products Builder, and 404 Page Builder, enriching your site-building toolkit.

Rating: 4.87/5

User Review: “For those seeking a WordPress theme that perfectly blends style with functionality, XStore is the answer. Its elegant design, straightforward customization options, and flawless WooCommerce integration make it a standout in the theme market.”

Types of Instant Support Materials: Support Manual and YouTube Videos

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The best web design tools & resources all share several things in common.

  • They’re easy to use and set up.
  • They give a finished website a competitive edge in terms of both design and functionality.
  • They have excellent customer support.

Many of them have a free version, or as a minimum come with a lot of information so that you won’t suspect that you bought a completely different product from the one they described.

Tool/Resource Summary Standout Feature
Brizy The most intuitive Website Builder for Agencies & SaaS Enterprises White Label Option
Trafft The Best Free Booking Scheduling Solution for Businesses Multilingual notification system
WpDataTables Best WP plugin for tables and charts with huge amounts of complex data Multiple database connectivity to disparate sources
LayerSlider Top WP plugin for quickly making simple sliders Cool scroll effects for sliders and hero images
Amelia #1 WP plugin for automating an appointment and events booking system Multilingual notifications system
Uncode #1 WP and WooCommerce go-to solution for creative designers and agencies Detailed and inspirational demo designs
Slider Revolution Best WP plugin for creating jaw-dropping sliders, pages, and websites Animated WOW effects for WordPress
GetIllustrations Huge selection and variety of world class illustrations Uniqueness & superior attention to detail
Mobirise AI Website Builder Create full page websites with just prompt commands AI generated layouts and content
WhatFontis The largest and most accurate free font identifier AI powered search and huge font database
Blocksy The #1 free WordPress theme for building engaging lightweight websites Gutenberg Support and WooCommerce integration
Total Theme Top WP theme for crafting websites from scratch or from templates Maximum website building flexibility
Essential Grid #1 WP Gallery plugin for creating unique and breathtaking gallery layouts 50+ unique grid skins
Woodmart Ideal WordPress theme for creating niche eCommerce stores Layouts builder for custom shop and product pages
XStore #1 WooCommerce theme for building engaging customer-centric online stores Large selection of Sales Boosters

This article is a good place to start looking for design resources and tools for small businesses and designers.