15 Most Wanted Blogger Templates

It’s hard to distinguish between a WordPress and a Blogger powered blog because of the various themes being used. If there’s a beautiful WordPress theme available out there, chances are it has already been ported over to Blogger as well. Therefore, there’s no excuse to have a dull looking design on a Blogger.

In this post we’ll be featuring 52 most wanted Blogger templates according to its impressive design, advanced features and attractiveness – something you wouldn’t want to miss. Give your blogs a fresh new look and start hunting for your favorite template.

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Full list after the jump.

Arclite | demo | download

Cosmetic Girl | demo | download

Cupcake Cookie | demo | download

Evidens White | demo | download

Healthy Lifestyle | demo | download

Ink Stain | demo | download

Irresistible | demo | download

Leopress | demo | download

Ligneous | demo | download

Massive Attack | demo | download

Music Globe | demo | download

Scrapbook Mania | demo | download

StudioPress Red | demo | download

Treasure Hunters | demo | download

Community Galleria | demo | download

Editor’s note: This post is written by Agape Wu for Hongkiat.com. Agape is a social media marketer, and a serious blogger who’s addicted to the Blogger template. She likes to study social media and Blogger design, while sharing her personal thoughts in her Wretch’s blog.

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