Online Games Wallpapers [Wallpaper Wednesday]

Gamers just want to take their gaming skill up to another level. Whether it is to prove their grit in the field, or if they just want to turn their team invincible, gamers go all out for the cause. In a salute to hardcore gamers amongst our readers, we dedicate these inspiring wallpapers to the troops of keyboard warriors.

From famous real-time strategy games to First Player Shooter games, we’ve pulled 18 wallpapers from popular and exciting online games to serve as inspiration for online gamers everywhere. Stop ganking and pawning, and start grabbing one of these wallpapers. Didn’t see your favorites here? Let us know what to look out for.

Veigar. Available in 1920×1200.

Blitzcrank / Bumblebee Mixup Model. Available in 1920×1080.

Fate. Available in 1188×641.

The Chain Warden. Available in 5940×3300.

Kassadin. Available in various sizes.

DotA 2 Morphling. Available in 1366×768.

Kill Stealers. Available in 1600×900.

TERA High Elf Male. Available in 1920×1080.

Lineage. Available in various sizes.

Gelbin Mekkatorque. Available in 1600×1043.

Artwork Garrosh Hellscream. Available in 1545×1200.

Monk. Available in various sizes.

Blackshot. Available in various sizes.

Battlefield BC2. Available in 1920×1080.

BF3. Available in 1920×1080.

The WarZ. Available in various sizes.

The Secret World. Available in 1680×1050.

Starcraft II Battlecruiser. Available in 1920×1080.