Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Green Logos

The color green holds positive connotations for most people and green logos are super popular at the moment. Green is a symbol for environmentalism and our love affair with green stretches back to ancient Egypt where the color was symbolic of resurrection and immortality (the god Osiris was supposedly green skinned).

Today, environmentally friendly companies, web 2.0 companies, organic food shops, juice bars, salad bars and fruit companies all love a good green logo. Green logos are in vogue and these companies are driving the trend.

Below are 30 examples of creative green logos. The examples include an organic coffee company logo, environmentally free LED lights and ‘clean integration’. The designers below have also successfully applied green to consulting, physiotherapy and even programming (see Code Fish and The Coding Frog below). These logos are fresh, upbeat and, hopefully, inspirational.

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Beautiful Green Logo Designs

Green Labs

Code Fish

Marshalls pet store

The Coding Frog

Green Apple Transfers

Living Heirloom

Arch Partners



RPJ Consulting

Chumu visual communication

BFM(Bibliotheque Forum Meyrin)

Leetenda Urbana

Clean Integration



Pure Oils


See Creative

Bio Cento

John Milander Architects

Meadville Land Service

Helping Hands For Pets

Hutan Consulting

Eco Bikes

Realty Connection Inc

Toronto Bodyworks


Swing Studios

Forma Humana

Editor’s note: This post is written by Alec Lynch for Hongkiat.com. Alec is the founder of DesignCrowd.com, a crowdsourced design service bridging the gap between client and skilled providers.