Why You Should Really Check Your Spam Mails

As much as Spam folders are helping us to filter irrelevant and spam emails from showing on our Inbox, sometimes it’s just not safe to put an assumption that it’ll work perfectly without flaws. In the end of the day, the intelligence is still based on codes and algorithms. Taking GMail for instance, I get like 10-30 spams on a daily basis, but I do check the Spam folder once in a while to assure that no important emails are missed.

Personal experience, I’ve found emails from advertisers, readers, WordPress blog ping-back notices, hidden within Spam folder. But why do they fall inside there occasionally? I think the URLs and the contents play a very big role. Missing out an advertiser’s emails could mean losing potential income for your blog. I’ve managed to retrieve 3 advertisers inquiries mails from Spam and nailed 2 deals out of the 3. See what you could have missed?

Checking through spam folder doesn’t mean you go on and read each and every single spam mail. At most time, quickly browsing through the titles will do the job. It doesn’t cost much time, so it’s better being safe than sorry.

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