VLC media player to support 360-degree videos soon

VLC media player is known for its flexibility thanks to its ability to play just about any video format under the sun. Soon, the media player will be able to support yet another video format: 360-degree videos.

To give us a small taste of what’s coming to VLC, VideoLAN has decided to release a technical preview of the feature called VLC 360°.

Created in partnership with 360-degree camera maker Giroptic, VLC 360° is a Windows and Mac program that is capable of supporting 360-degree photos, panoramas and videos. By using the mouse and keyboard, viewers are able to control their point of view of the content.

xvlc 360 dmeo

While VLC 360° is rather basic for now, VideoLAN has promised to expand upon the 360-degree video experience in the future. For starters, the company intends to update the mobile version of VLC to support 360-degree videos as well.

Additionally, the company plans to roll out VR headset support, allowing users to experience 360-degree videos via their Oculus Rift, Google Daydream View and HTC Vive headsets in 2017.

Finally, VideoLAN will also be implementing 360-degree audio support, however the company has yet to nail down a rollout date for this particular feature.

VLC 360° is still in beta, so expect the experience to be buggy and glitchy. If stability is much more important to you, 360-degree video support will be rolled out to the VLC media player in the upcoming VLC 3.0 update that is scheduled to be available by the end of November.

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