UIpie is a Hot New Source for Design Inspiration & Freebies

Searching for design inspiration online can cost you hours of the day. There are just so many different sites to browse and tons of freebies tailor-made for designers.

One of the newest sites to add to this list of web inspiration is UIpie. It covers both web & mobile inspiration, along with tons of freebies such as PSDs, AIs, and Sketch files.

This site is like a one-stop shop for everything a designer wants. UI kits, mockups, iconsets, Illustrator vectors, and even the best articles curated from all over the web.

UIpie inspiration gallery

Based on their recent posts, it looks like the site gets updated a few times a day. This is on par with many other freebie sites and larger communities such as Dribbble.

However, UIpie brings a whole new concept to the table. It’s not just an inspiration gallery or just a freebie gallery. It’s a curated collection of many design resources, all in one place.

Oh, and did I mention the site is totally free? They also have a newsletter which goes out monthly, cataloging all the best resources for that month.

Right now the categories are a bit scattered but here’s how the site breaks down:

  • AI
  • PSD
  • Sketch
  • Icons
  • Mockups
  • UI Kits
  • UI Inspiration
  • Articles

You can quickly browse by category or sort through the newest published items.

Unfortunately, there is no search bar yet, so UIpie’s archives aren’t the simplest to use. But, for only launching in May 2017, this site has a lot of great content and it’s only growing with each passing month!

UIpie freebies
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