Designers: 10 Short Ebooks to Kill Your Free Time

Usually, we spend so much time checking our social network status updates and playing our games, so when it comes to travelling long distances, perhaps it’s time for a change. Rather than fall back on print books though, why not grab ebooks so you can swap from one title to the next without carrying all that extra weight.

All you need is a tablet, and e-reader or your smartphone — and of course the right ebook titles. To help you with that last part, here are 10 free, short and very informative ebooks about mobile designs trends, time management, building your first website, web usability and much more! Just scroll down and enjoy!

Introduction to Good Usability

By Peter Pixel

Good usability is a really difficult thing to carry out, especially for newbies. This book will help you with lessons on good usability and give you short tips on how to manage your content, typography, white space, links, and other website element to get the best results.

Available in: Read online

50 Ways To Please Your Customers

By Mobify

Building for a multi-screen world is much harder than ever before, that’s why it’s critically important to understand how, why, and for whom you create new websites.This 33-pages ebook will touch on 2 main problems you will face, and 50 best practices to help you come up top when designing for mobile.

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Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook

By ustwo

This ebook is more about visual things, not dull long descriptions. Here the specialists from PixelPerfect share their first-hand tips and experience of many years to show you what is “Naughty’ and what is “Nice’. It’s 200 pages long but you will fly through it real fast. The ebook is available in PDF and iBook formats.

Available in: PDF, iBook and others

The Woork Handbook

By Antonio Lupetti

This book is a collection of articles written by Antonio Lupetti on his web design blog. It’s a free ebook about CSS, HTML, Ajax, web programming, Mootools, Scriptaculous and other topics covering web design.

Available in: PDF

A Field Guide to Typography

By FontShop

It’s only 51 pages long but this book will tell you much more about typography than you could imagine. Typography is all about finding the perfect match — only if you know the rules. Vivid illustrations and bright examples of good typography show that “a picture paints a thousand words’.

Available in: PDF

Knock Knock ebook

By Seth Godin

Seth Godin, the author of this ebook, is often described as “America’s Greatest Marketer’. This book would take you about 45 minutes to read but would leave you astounded by what you will have to relearn to pay attention to when it comes to creating clear, action-oriented web design.

Available in: PDF

Breaking the Time Barrier

By Mike McDerment And Donald Cowper

Read the ebook to understand the difference between time and value, once and for all. This short book will not take more than an hour to read, but it could be the most important time you would have invested in the year. Just give it a try!

Available in: PDF

Guide To Guerrilla Freelancing

By Mike Smith

This is the perfect pocket book for freelancers of any kind. This ebook features some of the best articles from the Guerrilla freelancing website. You’ll get to know how to start a freelance design business from scratch. When you are done, pass it along.

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20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

by Google Chrome Team

Illustrated by Christoph Niemann, written by the Google Chrome team, and built in HTML5, this charming guidebook is a handy read about how the evolution of browsers and the web is changing the way we work and play online. It will answer the most common questions about the web you were wondering about, but were afraid to ask.

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