A Look Into: Facebook Camera App for iPhone

Facebook has introduced its own Camera app for iOS to make sharing photos on Facebook faster and easier than ever. Yet another app from Facebook? Think again.

Facebook native apps are a dime a dozen thus separating its Camera App as a dedicated mobile app makes it easier for users to bring photos of their daily lives onto Facebook like how we do with Instagram and Path. Furthermore, being a stand alone app allows Facebook to enrich its Camera app with photo filters, inline photo viewer, multiple upload capability and more.

Lets look into the key features on the new Facebook Camera app.

Get the Most out of facebook Camera

To get started with Facebook Camera, go to this iTunes link (currently only available in US and Canada), download and install the app on your iPhone.

Upon installation, launch the app and sign in with your Facebook ID.

Facebook Camera Login

Check Friends’ latest photos in a single feed

Facebook Camera allows you to navigate through all of your friends’ latest photos in a single feed. That means, instead of a news feed, Facebook Camera only displays your friends’ photo feed for browsing purposes. To check the latest uploaded Facebook photos, simply scroll up the default page.

Navigate Photo Feeds

At the top of your photo feed, you may customize to see all the photos you’ve posted by tapping Me or your friend’s photos by tapping Friends.

Upload Multiple photos at a time

With Facebook Camera, you’re able to post a bunch of photos simultaneously. Scroll down the photo feed and you’ll see a page of your iPhone photos displayed, and a camera icon.

Existing Photos

To choose existing photos, tap the checkmark at the top right corner of the photos. You can also take a new photo by tapping the camera icon on the top left corner and tap the checkmark later.

Select Photos or Take Photo

Once you have selected the photos to be shared, tap on the icon at the bottom right corner. Before uploading, you can add tags, the location and captions to your photos.

Upload Photos

Editing your photos

Facebook Camera has powerful built-in functions for photo editing. By tapping any exisiting photos, you’re allowed to rotate, crop or even apply Instagram style effects to it.

Filter applied

To apply Instagram style effects, tap you see below the photo. Swipe to the left to view all of the filters and tap any filter to apply it.

Applying filter

Tap to start rotating and cropping photos. Drag the frame up and down or left and right to adjust the crop area. To rotate a photo, tap on . Tap on the tick icon to save the changes.

Crop and Rotate

Save Filtered Photos

If you love to keep a copy of all your edited photos in Facebook Camera, go to Settings > Camera > Save Filtered Photos > On.

Save Filtered Photo

A copy of your edited photo will be saved in your iPhone photo album.

Filtered Photo

More Tips/Tricks

#1. You can decide who you want to share your photos to (public versus friends versus only me) by tapping the earth icon before uploading your photos.

Filtered Photo

#2. To hide comments and likes when viewing a photo, tap twice on a photo.

Filtered Photo

#3. To delete photos, when you view a photo you posted, tap and hold the photo until Delete Photo appears. Tap Delete Photo to delete it.

Filtered Photo

Fb App Vs. Fb Camera App

Here’s a quick recap of the Facebook App vs the new Facebook Camera App

Facebook App

Facebook Camera App

Upload multiple photos

Edit photos + Filters

View friends’ latest photos in single feed

Add tag at friends’ photo

Save photo

Video Upload

Search for a particular friend’s photos

Filter friend lists


There are already so many features found in this little app, and you can be sure that it is the first of many more versions to come. The filters, although many still prefer those offered by Instagram, are mostly played around basic contrast, exposure and color alterations. Now iOS users will have a new way to share their photos on Facebook.

Have you tested the app?

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