Effectively Monitor eBay Auctions

Active eBay traders will know how important it is to stay constantly online to monitor the changes in bids and place respective bid effectively at the right time. LastMinute-Auction is a new web service that provide you a new way to monitor biddings on eBay.

How LastMinute-Auction works

The site search for all last minute auctions in eBay. As long as the bid is $1 or less and ending in 1 hour time, it will be listed. It’s a service that summarized going-to-close eBay auctions. The website categorized products just like eBay so you don’t see everything thrown on the main page.

What’s hot

The summarized version on lastminute-auction.com sounds like a great idea, especially in list view, going through closing soon items will be more efficient.

What’s not

There is definitely rooms for improvement in terms of interface design. Search function did not work pretty well too.