Design to Code Services for Your Web Development Projects

There are some web designers who prefer working on their website-building projects from start to finish. However, most prefer to strictly focus on aesthetics. They hand their designs over to developers and wait for the code, or collaborate with the coders to get the final product as perfect as possible.

Having a tool like Photoshop to work with makes the design effort much easier. And it’s a simple matter to hand your PSD files over to a professional for conversion to HTML/CSS code.

You naturally want to pick the right developer for the job. There are a number of good companies that you can place your trust in. Following is a list of four of the best web development services for your 2017 web projects.

Best PSD To HTML Services to Code Your Design

Best PSD To HTML Services to Code Your Design

In this Internet world full of business opportunities, having a semantic and user-friendly website is important to the... Read more

PSD to Many Things

As its name implies, PSD to ManyThings offers a variety of PSD to code conversion services. They can convert your PSD files to HTML5/CSS3, responsive HTML5, WooCommerce sites, E-mail, and more. Submit your files, and you’ll receive semantic, W3C-validated, SEO-optimized code. PSD to Manythings offers its services to Sketch users as well.

psd to many things

They will provide you with code that caters to all standard devices, ranging from all of the standard Android phones and iPhones to 27" iMac displays.

The team of developers at PSD to ManyThings offers a variety of services to its customers. They’ll also work with you to establish deadlines that are fully acceptable to you, and that are deadlines they know they can meet.

Direct Basing

If you’re a freelance web designer, you can work with Direct Basing to take care of your design work. It will save you the time it would take to do the development work yourself, plus you can use the time you save to take on additional design work.

direct basing

Design agencies can also save time and money when working with Direct Basing. Handing off the design work is generally much less expensive than paying for full-time in-house coding expertise.

In addition to PSD to HTML5, Direct Basing can implement CMS systems like WordPress or Joomla. All you have to do is to ask for a free estimate; upload your files and get a fixed quote; give Direct Basing your go-ahead; and receive your thoroughly-tested code.


Xfive, formerly XHTMLized, is a fun outfit to work with. When you submit your project to Xfive, they provide you with different solutions, so you pick the one that suits your needs; and in that way they become a part of your design team.


Xfive has been in the frontend and backend development business for 10 years. Their team of professionals offers much more than Photoshop, Sketch, and AI to HTML. In fact, if you’re in need of a service that’s not listed, they’ll be more than happy to look at it, to see what they can do.


Netlings will take your design, in any common format, and deliver quality, cross-browser compatible, W3C valid HTML5/CSS markup in 1-2 business days or less per page and sub-page.


They will convert your existing website into responsive code if you need it, and if you work with WordPress, they can help you with your projects there as well. Whether your project is super-large, or you need only "small stuff", the Netlings team stands ready to help.

Preparing PSD files – A Checklist

The time it will take a developer to convert your PSD files to code, depends not only on the size of your project, but to some extent on how thoroughly you’ve prepared and organized your work in the first place. Your files’ structure and content can significantly impact the ease in which your design can be transformed into semantic, cross-browser-friendly, SEO-optimized, and W3C compliant code.

While your work is not always perfect, you nonetheless try to come as close to perfection as possible. Things sometimes have a habit of getting in the way however; despite your best intentions. If you find yourself in a rush because of an unexpected time crunch, or you suffer from a brief bout of laziness, your carefully-prepared files may have some weak points.

Those can usually be avoided by following a few simple practices as you organize your files.

  • Everything that needs a name, must have one, and this includes layers. A new Adobe feature included among other CS6 Photoshop improvements, gives you search functionality for your layers. With this tool at hand, there is simply no reason for neglecting to name layers in Photoshop. Your developer will appreciate your doing so.
  • Changed states in a Photoshop design also need to be named and highlighted. You can help both yourself and your coder by establishing a simple naming and color convention up front; and sticking to it. Having such a system in place is especially important when multiple states are present – such as a hover state of a button.
  • Prepare rollover states that identify action states of links and call to action elements such as boxes, buttons, and images. Its best to do this early on. If you put it off until too late, production time can take a hit.
  • Blending modes allow you to produce some nice effects when working with images, and using them can shorten image processing times. The problem is, blend modes used in Photoshop cannot be recreated in CSS. It’s impossible to do so. If you include them anyway, you can expect unintended results, in terms of undesirable website images.
  • Keep context flexibility in mind as you design. It makes it difficult for the coder to add text or modify a graphic element if you haven’t provided a large enough area for that to happen. As a PSD file is being converted to code, it’s not unusual for content to have to be adjusted.
  • Whenever your design features special assets, it’s a smart practice to include them in an assets folder that accompanies the appropriate PSD file. These assets can consist of, among other things, special fonts, logos, images, supporting content.
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