How Good Portfolios Can Be Your Asset

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Nearly any business that advertises online will benefit from being able to show potential clients or customers their product or service offerings by means of an attractive, attention-grabbing portfolio. This is especially true with individuals, agencies, creative industries, and corporations for whom image is of the utmost importance.

The most successful portfolios are the ones that are well structured, that present products or services in way that engages viewers, and that tell the owner’s story, or the story behind a service or a product line. A portfolio that presents the skills of its owner, instills trust, demonstrates and confirms the legitimacy of the business it represents, is a portfolio that tells its story well.

How Pre-Designed Portfolios Can Be Assets

Building a portfolio to demonstrate your skills and accomplishments is more than an intelligent decision if you are a professional web or UX designer, or a creative industries representative. For anyone in these or any design-related profession, having a portfolio is mandatory. This is true for many other types of businesses or professions as well.

Be Theme Freelancer Pre-Built Portfolio

Be Theme Freelancer

You need the right tools to build a portfolio that will tell your story. There are however several factors you will need to take into account, if you want your portfolio to be effective in attracting and engaging potential clients, customers or employers.

  • Your portfolio must be "rock solid". A rock solid portfolio is one that gives a clear and complete picture of your skills, accomplishments and business practices.
  • Your portfolio’s content must be passed through a filter. Show your best work, and only your best work. A mediocre entry could attract more attention than you would like it to. If in doubt, throw it out.
  • Make certain your portfolio is easily navigable. You need to know your audience so you can guide them to what you want them to see, or to what you believe will interest them the most.
  • Include testimonials that are designed to persuade. Six testimonials that only say "Good Job!" aren’t going to impress anyone.
  • Keep your portfolio layout simple. A busy-looking, or poorly organized, portfolio will not speak well of you. Simple, yet elegant portfolio layouts do the best job of selling.

These two Be Theme pre-built websites are excellent examples of properly allocating space to achieve elegance in design. They demonstrate creativity, but each in its own, unique way.

Be Digital

Be Digital

Be Web Design

Be Web Design

The examples also illustrate creative ways in which space can be allocated. One of the keys to a successful page is to allocate space in a way that allows a business’s logo or unique value proposition to take center stage.

Strive for a design that will draw visitors in, and encourage them to explore in depth what you are offering or promoting. That is the driving feature behind these Be Theme pre-designed websites that focus on portfolios and services.

What Clients/Recruiters Will Look for In Your Portfolio

Clients and recruiters will be looking for a story in your portfolio. Your accomplishments may be impressive, but viewers will also be interested in knowing how you achieved those accomplishments.

They will also be looking for specific examples. This is where knowing your audience comes into play. Highlight those things you believe the viewer is most interested in seeing.

They will notice attention to detail. Pay great attention to detail when building your portfolio. Small things that are imperfect or missing stand out.

Be Parallax

Be Parallax

Parallax, when intelligently applied, can be a real attention-getter. Parallax can also be useful in telling a story.

Be Portfolio

Be Portfolio

This shows why it should not have to be a problem to create a solid, professional-looking portfolio, and the importance of having the right tool for the job.

Be Theme – The Pre-built Websites People Love

Where to you find the right tool, and where do you get access to these and similar pre-built websites? What you have seen so far is a relatively small sampling of the pre-designed websites Be Theme offers. There are in fact more than 180 to choose among, covering nearly as many different topics, with more being added every month.

Be Theme

Well over half of these page and portfolio-building tools are multi-page affairs which, with the variety of topics and layouts offered, gives you a virtually unlimited number of design possibilities.

You are encouraged to visit the Be Theme website, browse through its 180+ pre-built websites, and explore the many core features this biggest of all WordPress themes places at your fingertips. Once you’ve done that, you will begin to understand why more than 29,000 copies of Be Theme have been sold to-date.

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