40+ Marvelous Comic Superhero Wallpapers

It’s no surprise we’re all pretty much into the fantasy world of superheroes. As kids growing up, most of us had the chance to read and collect superheroes comics and perhaps had one or two superheroes who we aspire to be.

The movie industry is also coming up with new superheroes film every couple of months. Spiderman is going into its fourth film in 2011 and Dark Knight (Batman) was one the most successful superhero film of all time that actually managed to secure two Oscar awards.

So to celebrate our love for superheroes, we present you 60 Marvelous Superhero Wallpapers to beautify our otherwise dull-looking desktop. Full list after jump.

Updates: Wallpapers with error in links has been removed, error in images has been fixed. If you’ve encounter more errors, do not hesitate to contact us. (07-16-2012)


Wolverine: Origins #33 – by Marvel (Registration required)

Wolverine – by InSoMnIaK604

Wolverine – Burnt Man – by Totalwallpapers


Sensational Spiderman – by Gelosea

Spider Sling Dark Desktop – by ErikVonLehmann

Spiderman 3 – by Sony Pictures

Sensational Spider-man #38 – by Marvel (Registration required)


Captain America

Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Captain America – by Bestgamewallpapers

Captain America – R.I.P. – by Heroicwallpapers

Captain America Shoot! – by Comicwallpapers

Captain America #35 – by Marvel (Registration required)

Iron Man

Iron Man #27 – by Marvel (Registration required)

Iron Man – by BordomBeThyName


Batman Vengeance – by Gogoall

Batman – by Comicwallpapers


More Superheroes

Psylocke – by Cryolysis


Venom – by Anastasia-berry

Venom – by SteaM10

Gambit – by Myfreewallpapers

Superhero Storms

The Ultimates – by Gelosea

Civil War: Captain America, Spiderman and Iron Man – by Marvel (Registration required)

Spawn Light – by Comicwallpapers

Watchmen – by Lord-Corr

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