6 Free Digg Clones Scripts

Digg.com’s model – User submits content, other user votes, if the content gets popular it goes to the front page where it will get most of the spotlight. As much as most of us like to vote for good submitted stories, there are some of us who enjoy creating this kind of sites of different niche.

If you want to create a site similar to Digg, here are six scripts/programs that allows you to do so.


Pligg is one of the most well known digg clone. It runs on PHP/MySQL, free and its currently on Beta 9.8. Read more about Pligg.


PHPDug is very similar to digg.com, particularly its dig buttons. It runs on PHP/MySQL, supports 12 languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Indonesian, Turkish, Persian).

Upwarded Source

Download Upward Source


  • diggCLone – The diggCLone project is an effort to reproduce the functionality of the oh-so-popular social bookmarking site, digg.com. (Discontinued.)
  • Loudle – A “digg like” news submitter/voter (non-hierarchical editorial control for you wordphiles) created using industry standard PHP and MySQL. Download Loudle
  • GrabTheMic – An open source implementation of community-driven news sites such as Digg (https://digg.com/) and Reddit (http://www.reddit.com), powered by Ruby on Rails. Download GrabTheMic