Youth 08 Had 396 Bloggers Emails Addresses Exposed?

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Youth08 sent out an e-mail to all participants announcing the event’s venue, date, time as well as the run down of the events. This is a very normal procedure any organizer would do but I guess Youth08 carelessly made a mistake in sending the e-mail without hiding participants e-mail address, leaving total of 396 bloggers e-mails addresses exposed.

Although we often leave our e-mails out on the blog, but there’s still some effort needed to gather most of our (local bloggers) e-mails. Here our e-mails, listed in rows. I personally find this quite uncomfortable. If you do not see what’s the harm of not having your e-mails bcc’ed (Blind Carbon Copy) especially when they are list of people of the same category, well, prepare for spams (which I hope not).

E-mails addresses should be bcc’ed? What’s your thoughts?

Updates #1

A Mini social network has kicked off inside after my first reply-to-all to Youth08, the spam has spread but I already have it thrown in my spam folder

Updates #2

Bloggers are starting replying-to-all, signed with their name and blog url. Will that help blog publicity?

Updates #3 – Youth08 Apologized

Dear Participants,
We are extremely sorry and deeply apologize for sending out the mailers without realizing that it was not in the BCC column. I guess we got over excited to share with you on the updates of the event.


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