What is this MSN [i'm] icon all about?

Recently more and more MSN contacts are putting [i'm] icons beside the nicknames. Initially I thought it was something to do with Imified but then I was so wrong, MSN [i'm] icon is actually something noble, something for a good cause.

What’ [i'm] and what does it do?

[i'm] stands for "I’m making a difference". You contribute by putting an [i'm] icon anywhere near your display name with the “code of cause“. Send and receive messages and portion of advertising revenue generated from your usage will be donated for your cause. Send more, you donate more. With your “code of cause” you decide where your portion of donation goes. Isn’t this nice?

How to add [i'm]?

Here are a list of “code of cause

For the time being, the donation thingy will only work for United States residents but that doen’t mean you shouldn’t be using the [i'm].


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