UrbanFonts, Free fonts for designers

Free font sites are everywhere, but designers just will mind having one or couple more just in case one couldn’t provide them with the fonts they one. UrbanFonts is one font site I’ve stumbled on recently.

Free fonts sites were all typical; don’t get me wrong but by typical font sites, I mean most of them have fonts sort out categorically and that’s about it. UrbanFonts is the same when I first visit but closer look, not really. UrbanFonts probably already dig some research on free font sites and actually came up with some ideas to make sure they stay slightly different from the rest of the free font sites. So what does UrbanFonts has that I don’t see in others?

UrbanFonts free fonts

Category Preview

UrbanFonts categories fonts according to their families, Yeap! More or less the same like the rest of the font sites, but not quite. If you let your cursor stay on the category, it previews you one of the font in the particular family.

Tweak your fonts

UrbanFont provides a textbox where you can type in your text, play with the font size; tweak it’s font style; font color and background color to get its look-and-feel before you actually download them. I think this is cool, if saves you from downloading and checking if they are suitable in Photoshop or any other font manages.

Download Free Fonts at UrbanFonts now.