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Guest Posting: 8 Tips To Getting Your Submissions Published

Blogging is a useful tool. You may be a brilliant blogger with exceptional skills; but, you won't be recognized by many unless you expose yourself to a wide range of audiences. How do you expose your blogging skills in front of a huge mass of audiences? Well, guest blogging is the way to go! Exhibit your writing skills in a unique way and impress as many readers as possible to emerge as a recognized writer.... Continue reading

10 Writing Tips For Bloggers

There are lots of ways you can create your blog, and the beauty of the process is that you are allowed to be as creative and original as you like. You can follow the guidelines and rules of others but there is nothing stopping you from trying something new and running with it. Just because other blog posts are 500 words does not mean you cannot create one that is 2000 words. Just because other blogs have one picture does not mean you cannot add 12 pictures and turn the blog into a comic book style. ... Continue reading